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Creating a Culture of Automation: A Real-World Case Study with FIS

Creating a Culture of Automation: A Real-World Case Study with FIS

For IT automation to succeed, you need more than just the right technology. You need to develop a culture that embraces automation and celebrates its transformational potential. You need champions lighting the way to shift the collective mindset and develop an army of automators who actively identify and execute on opportunities to automate processes throughout your IT organization.

What does it take to successfully create a culture of automation? Get a front-row seat as Suneel Tummala, Director of Client Experience & LeanIT, shares how his team built an automation-centric culture from the ground up at FIS, the world's largest global provider of financial technology solutions.

Watch the on-demand webcast to learn about FIS’s journey to automation and their vision for sustaining this company-wide ethos. Suneel will provide tips from the trenches, including:

  • Successfully launching automation across your company
  • Developing creative (and fun!) ways to incent your entire team to embrace automation
  • Establishing a process for quickly scaling automation, including a centralized request system
  • Accelerating the development and deployment of new automations
  • Evolving your organizational structure and creating new automation-focused job functions
  • Developing KPIs for automation, measuring success, realizing benefits and ROI
  • Improving your end customers’ experience with automation

Don’t miss this insider’s look at the elements required to build your own culture of automation!

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