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[EMA Webcast] IT Automation: Real-World Strategies for a Fast Start and Long-Term Success

In this on-demand webcast, Research Director Valerie O'Connell discusses the findings of EMA's recent IT automation survey, including responses from more than 400 IT executives. Discover what new research reveals about the current state of IT automation and get pragmatic tips based on real-world data to help you hone your automation strategy and avoid common automation pitfalls.

You'll get insight into:

  • How your automation maturity compares to similar organizations
  • How other IT leaders have prioritized their automation initiatives to overcome today's IT challenges
  • Real-world benefits realized in actual environments vs marketing hype
  • Which automation benefits have actually proven most valuable to IT execs
  • How to strike the right balance between end-to-end automation and human oversight
  • Common automation obstacles and strategies to overcome them

You'll walk away with real world data that will enable you to kickstart your own automation initiatives, fine tune your strategy, and develop a plan for long-term success!

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