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Tech Talk: Auto-Discovery + Dependency Mapping

Tech Talk: Auto-Discovery + Dependency Mapping

Are you challenged to keep up with ever-changing, dynamic infrastructure that grows in complexity every day? Tired of the information in your CMDB being stale and outdated? Sick of trying to map out the connections between applications and infrastructure by hand? Feel like you are operating in the dark when issues strike?

Fear not! The latest innovations in dependency mapping have arrived.

This Tech Talk demonstrates how Resolve’s agentless auto-discovery and dependency mapping can handle the complexity of dynamic multi-vendor, multi-domain environments while scaling to hundreds of thousands of devices.

You'll get a look into how you can:

  • Auto-discover compute, network, and storage entities without deploying any agents
  • Identify and track dynamic, multi-layer relationships between applications and hybrid infrastructure
  • Create rich, visual topology maps to facilitate operations
  • Keep your CMDB up-to-date and accurate

See how you can gain the real-time visibility you need to quickly troubleshoot problems, make changes with confidence, perform capacity planning, and ensure business continuity.

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