Automate All of IT at US Bank

Find out how US Bank can leverage AIOps + automation for truly agile IT operations.

Revolutionize IT Operations with AIOps + Automation

US Bank is already leveraging AI and automation to improve the customer experience. Consider the benefits to IT service desk, application management, or network operations by leveraging machine learning and end-to-end, cross domain automation to:

  • Save Millions While Efficiently Managing Complexity
  • Reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Predict and Prevent Outages and Incidents
  • Minimize Alarm Noise
  • Gain Real-time Visibility into Dynamic, Changing Infrastructure
  • Scale Automation Seamlessly Now and In The Future

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Why automate with Resolve?

Here are some examples, but the sky’s the limit.

Accelerate Customer Onboarding Processes For Faster Time To Revenue

  • Automate migration of employees & customers to your systems
  • Automate infrastructure instrumentation to start monitoring
  • Automate infrastructure & server, network, & app provisioning processes to quickly assimilate new customer environments
  • Automate infrastructure discovery & dependency mapping

Automate Service Desk Requests For Speed & Operation efficiency

  • Automate user onboarding processes, like creating email accounts, assigning permissions, provisioning software, & updating AD
  • Integrate with chat bots & tools like Slack, Skype, & Teams to trigger automations
  • Offer self-service automation options for common tasks such as password resets

Automate End-To-End Provisioning & Deployment (Network, Compute, Cloud)

  • Automate end-to-end deployment processes for servers, network devices, & applications
  • Automate the end-to-end patch management process
  • Check & remediate configuration drift
  • Rollout a new network policy across systems

Automate Incident Resolution To Reduce MTTR (Network, Compute, Security)

  • Automatically validate incidents & collect diagnostic data
  • Correlate thousands of events to reduce alarm noise & pinpoint root cause
  • Perform fully automated incident resolution procedures
  • Empower frontline operators with guided procedures & automations pre-approved by subject matter experts

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