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Human-Guided Automation Showcased at Incident Resolution Summit

May 13, 2016 • IRVINE, Calif.

IT enterprise trailblazers met in Austin at the Incident Resolution Summit to exchange their ideas on innovation and transformation efforts in IT Operations, Automation, Service Desk, and Security Operations. Resolve Systems, the global industry leader in accelerating incident resolution, teamed up with ServiceNow, Moogsoft, IDC and practitioners to create two days of sessions covering topics from event and service management to human-guided automation.

Resolve Systems clients, T-Mobile, CenturyLink, Gymboree, U.S. Cellular and Zayo Group showcased their success and valuable insights on optimizing their incident resolution processes.

Resolve Customer Highlights:
Chris Carson, Manager Technology, Network Systems Management, CenturyLink shared the challenges his organization faced and how Resolve was their agent for change. “Our NOC organization had 10% network growth, resulting in more alarms and incidents for the same amount of resources to tackle. Our goal with Resolve Systems was to grow the network without adding to our headcount. Looking back on the first year, we were not only able to grow our network, but we were able to do this while actually reducing our headcount. Resolve was the key contributing factor to maintaining positive KPI’s.”

Jake Fox, Manager, Network Operations Process & Systems Support for Zayo Group shared how automation can also help put the power back into customer’s hands. “Previously, 60% of our tech support incidents were reported by our customers. Now we leverage Resolve’s human guided automation and interactive decision trees to empower these same customers to troubleshoot their own issues without having to reach out to tech support. By allowing customers to begin diagnosing whether the issue is on their side or with Zayo’s network via basic Q&A within the self-service portal, we’ve significantly reduced the number of incidents requiring action by our technicians.”

In addition to the success stories highlighted, over 150 attendees across a variety of industries noted the value in networking and collaborating with enterprise peers including: Yahoo!, Twitter, Visa, iHeartMedia, and JPMorgan Chase. One attendee shared how valuable it was to collaborate with peers that are solving issues in incident management and that it has brought to light the fact that even though we are from different industries we are all dealing with the same challenges and concerns. “It was great to see so many Resolve customers at such a fantastic and innovative event,” said Dustin Ritter, CMO of Resolve Systems. “So many of them shared impressive results which is why human guided automation and process-guidance is critical to effective incident resolution.”

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