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Resolve Releases Updated Platform to Accelerate & Optimize Deployment of IT Automations

December 3, 2018 • IRVINE, Calif.

Resolve Systems, the most widely deployed enterprise IT automation platform in the Fortune 500, today announced the latest release of its flagship product, Resolve 6.3. The new version delivers enhancements that accelerate and facilitate scaling automation in large, complex IT environments and that help companies more quickly maximize the productivity and cost reduction benefits promised by IT automation.

The latest release of Resolve makes it easier and faster to build and deploy new automated processes and workflows based on best-practice templates, eliminating time-consuming and expensive custom development for each new automation. A new, intuitive user interface and powerful search capabilities enable IT teams to leverage an extensive library of pre-built templates and automations for thousands of different tasks. Using Resolve’s built-in editor, these templates can be easily and quickly customized, speeding the construction and deployment of automated tasks and processes for activities related to server lifecycle management, hybrid cloud management, IT service orchestration, incident resolution, and more.

“Most organizations have just scratched the surface of realizing efficiency and productivity gains from automation. The latest release of Resolve is designed to help companies reap these benefits more quickly by speeding the deployment of automation at scale and helping identify areas where automation will offer the biggest gains within a complex IT infrastructure,” said Larry Lien, chief product officer for Resolve Systems. “We are thrilled to be on this automation journey with our customers and have worked closely with them to deliver new functionality that successfully addresses the ever-expanding list of challenges they face in managing today’s IT environments.”

New data warehousing capabilities in version 6.3 create the opportunity for organizations to develop deeper insights into their automation ecosystems and IT infrastructure performance at large. IT teams can leverage the data warehouse to optimize existing automations across a variety of technologies and to identify high-value opportunities for new automations that address recurring issues within their infrastructure. The data warehouse also provides a foundation for organizations to leverage machine learning to further enhance their automation infrastructure. With an eye to flexibility, Resolve’s data is available via API and can be imported into third-party data visualization tools, enabling IT teams to leverage current analytics solutions to analyze their IT automation infrastructure.

Enhanced logging functionality has also been added to the Resolve platform, offering improved visibility across systems that are commonly integrated with Resolve to orchestrate processes, such as ServiceNow, Splunk, and IBM NetCool. Using the new log capture, collection, and browsing capabilities, IT teams can easily explore detailed information to troubleshoot and resolve issues more quickly with integrations between systems.

Version 6.3 of Resolve is available immediately. To learn more, please visit Resolve’s website or request a demo today.