July 13, 2016 • IRVINE, Calif.

Resolve Systems, the global leader in accelerating incident resolution for enterprise IT operations, service desk, and security operations, announced the appointment of Jeff Tutton to its Product Advisory Board.

“We are pleased and honored that Jeff Tutton has agreed to join our Security Product Advisory Board,” said Martin Savitt, CEO of Resolve Systems. “His comprehensive understanding of cyber security will greatly complement the product leadership team at Resolve Systems. Jeff has consulted a number of high profile enterprise organizations who seek to implement best­in­class security practices and solutions which are consistent with Resolve’s approach to security incident resolution.”

Jeff Tutton heads up a team of creative security visionaries at Intersec Worldwide as the President of Global Security & Compliance. His direction has saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars and insures the highest level of competence and service. His expertise is recognized throughout the industry and furthered by client loyalty. Most of his time is spent directing and managing client projects, where he leverages his experience and abilities in crafting solutions to the most challenging security situations. Mr. Tutton can also be found developing new solutions to improve client processes and increase their bottom line. Jeff’s industry qualifications and certifications include MSC. Master’s Degree in Information Security, CISSP, PCI­QSA, PA­QSA, C|EH, CCFE ­ Forensics & Incident Response Examiner, CISA, TR­39 Auditor – CTGA, VISA/PCI PIN Assessor.

“The role security operations plays in an organization is critical to its success,” said Jeff Tutton. “In today’s landscape, Security teams face several challenges. Lack of resources and finding knowledgeable security agents to entrust, impacts the response time and speed to resolution. Resolve allows security teams the ability to maximize your senior most engineers giving them the ability to move things off their plate. By bringing automation to Security Operations teams, organizations reduce security risk and overall costs. I am eager to work with the Resolve Systems team and help educate companies on the power of human-­guided automation.”

About Resolve Systems
Resolve Systems is the global leader in accelerating incident resolutions for IT Operations, Security Operations and Service Desks. Since 2008, the Resolve Platform has empowered support teams by providing actionable dashboards and process guidance for end­to­end and human­guided automations. Fortune 100 customers rely on Resolve’s unique onboarding process created to deliver value at a scalable, rapid pace. By leveraging pre­built automation content, Resolve Systems can be on­boarded in as little as 30 days. Their team will work with your organization’s data, analyze the business case and identify opportunities ensured to deliver efficiency gains. Headquartered in Irvine, California with Operations in EMEA, Resolve Systems has Fortune 500 customers around the world. For more information, please visit www.resolve.io.

About Intersec Worldwide
Intersec Worldwide is the leader in Information Security and Compliance. Specializing in PCI Compliance, Assessment, Remediation, Forensics, Data Breach Investigations, Incident Response, IT Managed Services, and unparalleled Customer Service. With decades of experience in the security industry and one of the first PCI­QSA’s to be certified, their team has been on the front lines since day one. Because of this, they’ve developed and implemented the absolute best team, processes and solutions found anywhere. Their Executive team of consultants is some of the most well­known, well­respected and in demand IT security experts in the industry. They are responsible for mentoring and cultivating many of the leading security consultants working in the field today. Intersec executives have headed remediation projects at the largest merchants and other fortune 100 entities. Intersec Worldwide can accurately and efficiently assess and remediate your potential security vulnerabilities while keeping your security project on budget. We have interim CISO’s that can set­up and rebuild your team and help you revise your security program. For more information, visit www.intersecworldwide.com.