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Delivering Excellence technology and engineering service provider

Exceltic, as an engineering and consulting company, accelerates products and services innovation in e-mobility and smart infrastructures projects, Industry 4.0 initiatives, new energy transition models, and digital transformation model adoption, by making easier for organizations to embrace new technologies into their strategic and operative plans.

Our track record ensures our success, making our integrated service business model into an innovative and reliable bet.

Exceltic enables flexibility, increases efficiency, and accelerates innovation from strategy to operations, becoming a key partner for over 100 customers around the globe.

We are a talented group of dedicated professionals, from more than 20 sectors. Our great team has completed over 3,000 international projects with impressive success and has always strived for excellence, in a young and dynamic environment.

Our methodology allows us to provide a prompt and effective response to our clients, enabling the development of a long-term relationship based on commitment and trust.

"Quality knows no limits. Each improvement is not the last, but rather the foundation for the next one."

Areas of Expertise

  • Smart mobility
  • Building technologies
  • Industry 4.0
  • Energy transition models
  • Digital transformation
Partner Profile


Madrid, Spain

Regional Focus

EMEA, Global