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ITC2 helps clients through Digital Optimization™ to increase capacity while optimizing cost.

About ITC2

Founded in 2006, ITC2 began supplying network engineers to Cisco Systems Advance Service teams worldwide. In 2013, ITC2 introduced new portfolio offerings focused on adding services impacting the network, including Telecom Expense Management, Network Managed Services Consulting, and Software Platforms. ITC2 connects clients to the world, securely, through Digital Optimization™. Acting as an extension of client’s procurement teams, ITC2 provides unbiased, creative solutions to the industry’s most challenging technology hurdles with continuous support throughout the full lifecycle of technology, including pricing, negotiation, service delivery, invoice audit and review.

ITC2 is a Gartner recognized Minority Business Enterprise Supplier with a 94% customer satisfaction rating from Dunn & Bradstreet, a requirement to do business with Federal, State, County and City Governments.


  • Digital Optimization™
    • Hosted Voice (UCaaS, UCCaaS, Wireless)
    • Network (EVPN, VPLS, Ethernet, SDWAN, WAVE, DIA, and Satellite)
    • Data Centers
    • Automation
    • Telecom Expense Management
    • Cloud Management
  • Procurement – Identifying Procurement Leakage
  • Risk Management
  • IoT
  • And More!

Core Services

  • Connectivity Solutions (Wired & Wireless)
  • Infrastructure Lift and Shift
  • Application Migration to the Cloud
  • Enterprise Solutions
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