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Consultancy and strategic IT software provider facilitating efficient adoption of digital transformation concepts.

Unity Solutions is an important local partner of a set of high-quality products and brands with recognized experience in the IT management software global market, unstructured data security, AIOps & Automation platform and RPA & AI software solution. Our portfolio has been structured as a high value proposal where the digital transformation strategy is presented on each of its components, helping to companies that let us to be part of their processes to have their information available, access to a true automation and consolidate their value chain to be able to get visibility and also to create an interaction with customers, which will result in a unique service experience. We have a professional and interdisciplinary team that combines experience and knowledge and be totally service-oriented. As IT management expert consultants, we allow innovation be an active part of our processes while flexibility allows us to adapt to every need.

Areas of Expertise:

  • ITSM implementation
  • Digital transformation
  • IT Consulting (ITIL, Cobit, Third Party Management / ICT Services, Service Catalog, Availability management, ITSM Governance, Data Governance, Automation Governance, ISO 20,000 Methodologies)
  • Automation processes (RPA, ITPA)

Products and Services:

Partner Profile

Bogotá D.C., Columbia

Regional Focus

South America

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