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Sharpen Your Defenses & Scale SecOps with Automation That Does Way More Than a Typical SOAR

Automate incident investigation & response (not to mention patching & proactive updates).
  • Automate incident validation & separate the signal from the noise
  • Significantly accelerate incident investigation by automatically collecting data from multiple sources
  • Contain & remediate threats faster by automating across IT silos & security teams
  • Orchestrate workflows across your existing security solutions
  • Leverage a unified IT automation platform that goes well beyond security to automate compute, network, and service desk
See Why Resolve Is Trusted to Automate the Most Complex Networks on Earth.

Get the Security Orchestration & Automation Capabilities You Need to Do Things Like:

Incident Investigation & Triage
  • Automate data collection from all of your security tools
  • Determine which alarms are the real deal
  • Investigate failed login attempts for bad intent
  • Evaluate and disable PUPs
Threat Containment & Remediation
  • Clear malware detected on user desktop
  • Block control of systems by ransomware
  • Enable legitimate use of 3rd party applications on clients (whitelisting)
  • Stop unauthorized access by compromised privileged accounts
  • Block attempts to access restricted information
Security Config & Orchestration
  • Validate security posture after server updates
  • Enforce secure app configurations on clients
  • Detect security devices not reporting to SIEM
  • Execute de-provisioning process on user termination
  • Audit privileged access and identify suspicious activities
  • And more… our platform lets you customize and build new security automations to your heart’s content!

Want to Separate the Signal from the Noise & Accelerate Triaging Real Threats? You Can with Automation.

  • Overwhelmed by a sea of alerts generated by your SIEM (and not enough staff to investigate them), only to find that most are simply false positives? You’re not alone.
  • Freaked out by the amount of time and manual effort it takes to manually collect all of the data from multiple systems and third-party tools required to validate and investigate threats? We get it.
  • Tired of waiting on other teams to grant access to critical systems containing the event logs you need to properly investigate a threat? We’ve been there.
  • Worried that your investigation is so time consuming, it’s too late to contain damage from real threats? We hear you.
  • Dread documenting all of the investigation steps you took, from initial data collection to diagnosis? Yeah, us, too.

Resolve makes it much easier to investigate security incidents.
We designed our SOAR capabilities to enable you to keep pace with the speed of cyberattacks, while reducing rock fetching exercises and time-consuming handoffs between security team.

Massively Expedite Incident Investigation & Scale Your SOC with the Power of Automation.

Resolve Security Investigation
  • Automate incident validation to quickly determine which alarms are the real deal so that you can focus your limited resources on actual threats, not false positives
  • Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual effort by automatically collecting data across your environments and security tools, including SIEMs, threat feeds, website scanning tools, file characterization tools, logs, antivirus systems, and more
  • Unify data for incident investigation into easy-to-read dashboards that makes it super-fast and easy to hone in on the problem and determine remediation steps
  • Say goodbye to time-consuming handoffs between security teams with centralized orchestration of the end-to-end incident triage and investigation workflows
  • Overcome hurdles to collect data from systems you don’t have direct access to with pre-built automations to do it for you
  • Automatically capture a full audit trail of incident investigation steps and results for compliance and governance

Ready to simplify incident investigation? Let Resolve do the work for you.

Accelerate Threat Containment & Reduce Escalations with Resolve.

  • Automate highly variable, decision-dependent incident response workflows using our unique interactive automation, which enables you (the human) to make the tough decisions at critical points in the end-to-end orchestration, while automating everything in between
  • Automate the tougher aspects of threat containment that cross boundaries most tools can’t bridge, from getting access to affected systems, to updating firewalls and network ACLs, to running vulnerability checks post-remediation, updating asset inventories, and more
  • Orchestrate processes leveraging your existing point security tools (like SIEMs, threat feeds, sandbox environments, website scanning tools, file characterization tools and more) or handle the entire end-to-end SOC workflow using our platform
  • Automatically fix common security issues with a library of pre-built workflows that do the work for you
  • Empower Level 1 analysts with SME-approved standard operating procedures, decision trees, and contextual guidance to eliminate unnecessary escalations and enable them to safely execute containment and remediation workflows even on assets managed by teams outside the SOC
  • Capture every process that is automated or executed by an analyst to create a real-time, centralized audit trail that enables you to debug operational issues and stay compliant
  • Automate post-remediation health checks to ensure apps, services, and networks are running smoothly, regardless of which automation tool you used to provision them

Ready to show the bad actors who’s boss? See how Resolve can help you shut down threats in seconds.


Improve Your Security Posture & Say Goodbye to Insecure Configs

  • Tired of finding new vulnerabilities every time an app or server gets updated? We know.
  • Worried that open ports might be leaving you open to attack? Been there.
  • Tired of manually checking your configs against the vulnerability database? You’re not alone.

We eliminate common config headaches so you can be more secure.
We help ensure you have a strong security posture across your hardware and software configurations with automation. Now you can automatically see where you have configurations that present vulnerability concerns and fix them before the bad actors find the chink in your armor.

Automatically Identify Known Vulnerabilities in Your Hardware & Software Configs.

Resolve Security Config
  • Automatically gather hardware and software configuration data, including everything from open ports and firewall configurations to OS versioning and detailed app data
  • Compare configuration data to vulnerability databases to automatically flag configs that need to be updated to shore up security concerns
  • Automatically deploy patches and updated configurations using pre-built automations to quickly shut down the threat of a breach

Ready to improve your security posture and minimize the risk of a breach? Let Resolve automate it for you.


Need a Faster, More Reliable Way to Validate & Manage Your Patches? Resolve to the Rescue.

  • Do you struggle to reconcile disagreements between IT Ops and SecOps as to whether a patch was deployed or not? We’re with you.
  • Do you find yourself wondering how on earth your small team can patch thousands of vulnerable servers quickly and confidently when each one requires manually logging into multiple systems? We get it.
  • Worried that your overtaxed IT team might be skipping a few steps post-patching to test and verify everything is performing as expected? You’re not alone.
  • Is the prospect of potential ruin and a massive security breach resulting from unpatched systems keeping you up at night? We’ve been in your shoes.

We take the pain out of patch management.
Massively accelerate the time to deploy patches (think minutes, not weeks) across complex infrastructure and eliminate manual errors.

Go from Patching Purgatory to Patching Paradise with Resolve.

Resolve Patching Management Process
  • Automate investigating which patches need to be deployed on which systems –literally have Resolve check patching and security advisories from multiple vendors without lifting a finger
  • Automatically determine which patches have been deployed on which systems to eliminate doubt and end the finger pointing
  • Automate patching multiple technologies (i.e., OS, app, database) at one time in a controlled, orchestrated fashion that eliminates risk of failure while exponentially speeding up the patching process
  • Automate post-patching testing and verification leveraging thousands of prebuilt automations to check the health and performance of most OSes, databases, business apps, and more
  • Automatically update asset inventories, CMDBs, and other governance systems to reflect current configs and keep you compliant
  • Ensure change compliance, enforce policy and controls, and provide a full audit trail

Ready for 21st-century patching? Let Resolve reboot the way you patch with advanced automation.


Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Security Technologies

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