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Three Must-Read eBooks

Achieve your automation & AIOps goals with these new eBooks!

Featured 6 Automations e Book New

6 Automations to Accelerate IT Operations

The conundrum persists: How do you deliver quality IT services faster and expand digital transformation initiatives without increasing costs or headcount? Download our new eBook to explore six automations that we think every IT team should prioritize to streamline operations and overcome today's challenges, including:

  • Lack of visibility across systems, environments and tools
  • Difficulty meeting expectations for perfect reliability and performance
  • Increasing alarm noise and data volumes
  • Rising MTTR and support costs
  • Overcoming challenges stemming from distributed IT teams

Get real-world insights into how automation can help you optimize resources, lower costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn How to End Your CMDB Saga with this eBook

End Your CMDB Saga

The CMDB has been a source of heartache over the decades, but it's ready to leave its bad reputation behind. Thanks to new technologies, the CMDB is finally delivering on its long-awaited promise to fuel efficient operations, effective troubleshooting, change management, and more.

Our new eBook explores:

  • The checkered past of the CMDB
  • Why getting your CMDB right is so important...and so difficult
  • How to make the CMDB the center of your IT operations universe
  • A framework and action plan to achieve CMDB success
  • Leveraging new technologies to ensure accuracy and eliminate manual updates
Lander Prepare for Unexpected e Book

Prepare for the Unexpected: Forge a Strong ITSM Foundation with Automation & AIOps

As we adjust to new ways of working and living, IT teams have felt the changes more acutely than most. They are struggling to keep the lights on while battling an uptick in service desk requests and supporting more remote workers.

As IT pros tackle a series of new (unplanned) initiatives, the perpetual challenges of keeping up with dynamic infrastructure haven’t gone away, nor has the pressure to resolve incidents faster – all without enough headcount. This eBook explores these challenges in depth, as well as how you can get immediate relief and prepare for whatever comes next by leveraging automation and AIOps.