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Automatically Handle Your Event Remediation With Resolve's Intelligent IT Automation Platform

Automate your day-to-day complex event management workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to orchestrate critical tasks, so your IT resources can spend more time focusing on innovative value-added tasks.

Close the Loop and Remediate Incidents Before They Become a Problem

Video Transcript:

This demo covers Alert Auto-remediation with Resolve and AppDynamics. In this demo, you will see how IT Ops can auto-remediate AppDynamics alerts using Resolve automation workflows. Using pre-built integration, IT can automatically apply fixes to configured alerts.

A financial services organization is monitoring its web app running in production using AppDynamics. This demo simulates an outage to violate a configured AppDynamics health rule. This violation triggers a Resolve workflow automatically that, based on a complex logic, isolates the root cause and takes the necessary steps to fix the problem. An ITSM ticket is automatically created with detailed steps to ensure the fix is documented. The workflow also closes the loop by dismissing the alert in AppDynamics.

We start by building the automation workflow in Resolve. Our drag and drop workflow designer along with a comprehensive library of actions make it easy for users to orchestrate complex workflows in a very short time.

Here, a web application is being monitored by AppDynamics. It has a few different services that are each running on different containers. AppDynamics health rules are set up to monitor these containers and make sure the application continues uninterrupted.

In this example, an outage occurs and brings down one of the containers. The LoanProcessor container goes down and creates an alert in AppDynamics. The handling of these alerts is automated with Resolve. An automated workflow is automatically triggered with an “AppD health rule violation.”

Upon completion, a detailed audit trail of the steps taken to mitigate the problem are recorded by Resolve, including filing an ITSM incident to record the problem. Details of the remediation are also available in AppDynamics Events tab, closing the loop on the auto-remediation workflow.

You have just watched the AppDynamics and Resolve Auto-Remediation demo where we presented to you end-to-end automated workflow, seamless integration with pre-built automations, and easy to use drag and drop configuration.

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