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Linux Host Provisioning on VMWare ESXi

Ready to See it in Action in Your Environment?

In this demo video, we take a look at how we can provision a virtual machine in a VMWare ESXi environment by leveraging a Resolve automation to orchestrate pre, provisioning, and post tasks.

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Marcus Rebelo

About the Author, Marcus Rebelo:

Marcus Rebelo serves as the vice president of global sales engineering and as the security officer at Resolve, where he works with the Fortune 1000, leading telcos, and global MSPs to design and implement creative IT automation solutions that enable more agile, efficient IT operations. With more than two decades of experience in networking, software, and hardware technologies, Marcus has deep expertise designing and architecting IT solutions that create strong foundations for innovation.

His love of technology started with his first Basic programming course in the early 1980s and since then he has held positions ranging from the service desk to complex service development across a wide variety of organizations including NTT Communications, IPsoft, BMC Software, Wipro, and Hewlett Packard. In his current role at Resolve, he has grown the sales engineering team to a global organization and worked with numerous customers on their journey to automation success. He frequently speaks at industry events on automation, digital transformation, and cybersecurity topics as well as writes or contributes to industry articles.

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