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Resolve Insights: Event Correlation & Noise Reduction

Ready to See it in Action in Your Environment?

In this second part of a short video series demonstrating Resolve Insights AIOps, we look at the event correlation and noise reduction capabilities in the platform, which quickly gathers various events alarms and alerts and overlays them onto topology maps. From there, organizations can quickly visualize this information using various dashboards and visualization techniques to help find the root cause of problems, and then look at moving forwards to resolve those in a faster time.

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About the Author, Alan Loos:

Alan Loos joined Resolve in 2014 as a Senior Sales Engineer with 14-plus years of IT industry experience, in positions ranging from Systems Administrator, to Solutions Architect, to Director of IT. One of Alan's main goals as an IT professional has been to drive uptime and stability of large, complex corporate IT environments. Alan resides in the rainy Pacific Northwest, where he rounds out the technical side of Resolve's West Coast sales team.

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