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Resolve Actions vs. DIY Automation: Which is Really Better?

Written By Crystal Mistretta
May 7, 2024

When it comes to IT automation, the choice between a service orchestration and automation platform like Resolve Actions or building your own automation engine or workflow tool is a pivotal decision. While each option presents its own set of strengths and considerations, Resolve Actions emerges as a powerful solution for organizations looking to streamline their automation efforts. Here’s why. 

The Resolve Actions Advantage 

Resolve Actions empowers organizations to create and develop their own automations at scale, all within a stable, secure, controlled, and timely framework. Recognized in Gartner’s market guide as a Service Orchestration and Automation Platform, and honored with InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year Accolade in 2021, Resolve Actions has proven its worth in delivering value to clients across various industries. 

Minimal Risk 

One of the primary advantages of using Resolve Actions is the reduction of operating risks associated with IT automation projects. The platform is engineered specifically to handle complex and rapidly evolving environments, ensuring operational continuity and stability. Furthermore, with 24×7 support and a robust set of tools, Resolve ensures that clients can navigate any technical challenges they may encounter with absolute confidence. 

Lowest Overall Cost 

Resolve Actions offers a predictable cost structure inclusive of support, maintenance, and all of its many features. In contrast, DIY automation strategies often incur hidden or unexpected costs due to environmental circumstances or unexpected changes in operational priorities. Additionally, the process of manually creating bespoke web applications lacks uniformity and can lead to highly unpredictable costs, especially at scale. 

Platform Engineered Features 

Resolve Actions comes equipped with a comprehensive set of capabilities, including enterprise user access controls, platform health monitoring, version control, and release management, among others. These features are battle-tested and expected by clients as part of a robust enterprise solution, ensuring technical stability, scalability, and ease of use. 

Some examples include:  

  • Enterprise user access controls  
  • Technically consistent  
  • Highly re-useable content (build once, use many times)  
  • Platform health monitoring  
  • Changing environment supported, manual scripts are often very static  
  • Version control and release management  
  • Reports, dashboards, and KPI reporting  
  • Proven technical stability
  • Proven scalability (millions of automations per day)  
  • Detailed and summary outputs  
  • Sophisticated parsing (faster time to market)  
  • Drag-and-drop workflow/automation designer (ease of use, and faster time to market)  
  • Presentation layer options for self-service capability and “left shift” options  
  • Knowledge management included 
  • Formal training so new automation team members can quickly understand and start adding value 
  • Resolution routing – intelligent mapping and routing of incoming data to the correct automations 

Enhanced IT Governance 

With Resolve Actions, organizations benefit from comprehensive audit trails and adherence to IT governance policies. Every action executed within the platform can be logged, audited, and tied into workflows, providing complete and accurate oversight of system updates and changes. In contrast, DIY solutions often struggle to maintain the same level of governance and accountability.  


Resolve Actions offers out-of-the-box capabilities, including bi-directional gateways, integrations, and continuous product innovation. Through the Resolve Automation Exchange, customers enjoy access to thousands of pre-built connectors and integrations, ensuring rapid and seamless adaptability to evolving business requirements. 

Ease of Use 

Resolve’s Automation Designer provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop experience, enabling quick development of workflows that align with both business goals as well as technical requirements. This ease of use ensures that automations can be created and consumed by all IT team members, fostering collaboration and agility. 


Unlike bespoke applications that often exist in silos and become “black boxes” over time, Resolve Actions offers content that is designed to be interchangeable and reusable. This extensibility allows the platform to adapt and extend to other parts of the organization as new automation requirements emerge, promoting efficiency and facilitating scalability. 

In conclusion, while the choice between Resolve Actions and DIY solutions may seem daunting, the advantages offered by an orchestration and automation platform like Resolve Actions are clear. From mitigating risks and reducing costs to providing robust features and future-proofing your business, Resolve Actions emerges as a reliable and efficient solution for organizations looking to streamline their automation efforts and drive digital transformation. 

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About the author, Crystal Mistretta:

About the author, Crystal Mistretta:

Sr. Marketing Operations Manager

As a lifelong puzzle enthusiast, Crystal is always searching for the next marketing ops challenge to tackle. With a diverse background in sales support, web programming, and graphic design, and a passion for lifetime learning, Crystal strives for continued individual growth to contribute to marketing strategy and optimization of tactics to help drive revenue.