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Maximize Network Efficiency

Purpose-built Automation Solutions to Drive Positive
Outcomes Amidst Complexity

Streamline NOC Operations with Resolve

The telecommunications industry is at an exciting, yet critical, point in its development. Scaling operations to meet the exponential consumer demands will create pressure points for IT. Automation will prove to be an an indispensable strategy for scaling and modernizing operations

Accelerated Incident Resolution

Up to 98% faster triage and diagnostics with automation

Increased Employee Productivity

Over 40% added capacity with automation and orchestration of
essential workflows

Direct and Indirect Cost Savings

Significant savings from process efficiencies and shorter MTTRs

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved service quality and 30% fewer customer escalations with speedy resolutions

Why Telcos Around the World Pick Resolve

Unified Incident Response

Single pane of glass for all incident response tasks, scripts, investigations, processes, and notes

Process Orchestration

Centralize your scripts and point automations to a thoughtful workflow with the Resolve platform

Human-guided Automation

Automate mission-critical workflows your way, incrementally with human-guided or unattended automation

Pre-built Integrations

Connect your IT systems and tools with 1000s of out-of-the-box Resolve integrations

Enterprise-ready Platform

Scale to millions of automations, on premise or in the cloud; proven success in the most complex and largest organizations

Telecom Playbook for IT Automation

The Telco Playbook for IT Automation

Zero-touch operations powered by automation allow you to efficiently run multi-domain services, optimize use of your available resources, and unlock significant cost savings.

Drawing on the collective wisdom of our telco customers’ successes and our decade-long journey in delivering purpose-built automation solutions, this white paper walks you through the Resolve Automation Capabilities Framework.

What We Can Help You Automate Today

Automations for the NOC

Provisioning and Configuration

Deploy and configure connectivity for network devices, apps, servers, and endpoints with confidence

NOC Incident Response

Automatically trigger remediation workflows to triage, validate, diagnose, and resolve network alarms and IT incidents

Proactive Testing & Troubleshooting

Schedule health and compliance checks with comprehensive reports to ensure optimal network performance

Automations for the IT Help Desk

Service Request Fulfillment

Automatically fulfill service requests as tickets come in via ITSM or chatbots

Events Auto-Remediation

Run self-healing automations triggered by events to remediate issues as soon as they occur

Application Dependency Mapping

Ensure IT visibility and oversight across all applications and infrastructure components

Millions of Mission critical Telco Workflows Run
on Resolve

600,000 Incidents Processed

Improved Network Control Center performance and customer experience by reducing the volume and duration of customer impacting incidents while supporting network growth

Virgin Media

Over $1.2M Saved Annually with 30% Fewer Escalation

Enhanced service delivery and customer communications, increased help desk operator productivity, improved customer satisfaction by making sure customers are notified of outages in a timely manner

Resolve Actions is Your Platform of Choice for Automation

Unified Orchestration & Automation Platform

Create a centralized automation hub for all your new automations and existing scripts using a robust unified orchestration layer.

Low-code or “Bring-your-own-code” Automation

Drag-and-drop automation actions to build new workflows or import your existing scripts to build a library.


1000s of Pre-built Integrations and Connectors

Download third-party integrations for your favorite applications from the Automation Exchange. Seamlessly integrate bi-directionally with any IT tool.

Built-in ROI Calculator

Clearly articulate the ROI for each automation workflow with metrics and reports.

Resolve Actions

Next Steps

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