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IT Service Management Automation

Empower Your Frontline IT to Deliver Service Excellence

Deliver Services Faster, Close Tickets on Time, and Reduce Escalations

Supercharge your service desk with IT process automation. Resolve customers have successfully increased capacity while consistently maintaining service quality and speed with Resolve. Automating high-volume, repetitive requests can not only free-up time for your already strapped IT resources but also increase process efficiency.



automating VM provisioning, and on-boarding activities.



by safely automating application access and permissions granting in a Fortune 100 enterprise.



over 3 years, with more than 50 automated workflows in production.

Accelerate Resolutions with ITSM Automation

Better Experiences (XLA)

Deliver positive stakeholder experiences consistently through speedy resolutions

Streamline Escalations

Left shift resolutions with SME approved automations and reduce escalations

Scale Operations

Amplify your service desk efficiency, maximize productivity and IT capacity with automations

Measure Success

Benefit from automation dashboards to measure automation effectiveness and ROI

Resolve IT Service Management Automation Solutions

Service Request Fulfillment

Empower End Users and Service Desk Agents with Automation

  • Fully automate routine service requests to free up agents to do more valuable work
  • Empower end users with self-service options for common tasks using clear, guided automations provided by IT
  • Trigger tested, SME-approved workflows to escalate meaningfully and with context
  • Ensure secure access to IT systems without fear of introducing human error or system downtime
  • Free up subject matter experts to focus on innovation, not tickets

Popular Automations

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Password Reset
  • Ticket Enrichment
Service desk requests
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Incident Response & Auto-Remediation

Left Shift to Accelerate Resolutions and Reduce Escalations

  • Fully automate diagnosis and resolution of IT incidents triggered directly from your favorite ITSM or observability/AIOps app
  • Validate incidents, eliminate false positives by automating time- consuming system and service checks
  • Automatically collect key troubleshooting data and diagnostics across different types of IT systems and devices
  • Enable L1 service agents to safely execute remediation steps without direct access to systems using SME-approved automations
  • Capture all remediation actions and case artifacts for compliance, governance, and auditing purposes and auto-update tickets

Popular Automations

  • Service Stop / Start
  • Disk Space Remediation
  • Server Restarts

A Powerful Automation Platform with the Fastest Time to Value

Fastest time to value with SaaS

Enable rapid adoption and support thousands of automation workflows without the need for maintenance

Low-code, no-code, or “bring-your-own code” automation

Simply drag and drop to build new automations or import your existing scripts to build a library

1000s of pre-built automations and workflows

Download pre-built workflows from the Automation Exchange for faster time to value

Human-guided, interactive automation procedures

Allow for human input into complex resolution workflows so IT can safely provision connectivity or configure systems

Incident management with intuitive dashboards

Centralize management all aspects of the incident resolution process with detailed color-coded dashboards

Built-in ROI calculator

Clearly articulate the ROI for each automation workflow with metrics and reports

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Integrations in your Service Desk environment

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Service Desk Technologies

Explore analyst reports, webinars, eBooks & case studies to accelerate your IT automation journey