Resolve Automates Your Service Desk, from the Simplest Tasks to the Most Complex Processes Like:

  • Troubleshoot a slow PC
  • Diagnose and fix a failing web service
  • Restore VPN connectivity
  • Diagnose and fix an outage with your ERP
  • Handle an Office 365 cloud email issue
  • Resolve a server hardware failure
  • Execute an employee termination process
  • Enable access to restricted files
  • Provide access to a personal device
  • Reset a user password
  • Reactivate a user account
  • Provision software to an end user
  • Add or remove network storage
  • Update network devices with new policy
  • Upgrade a database server with new version
  • Apply hotfixes to business applications
  • And more… our platform lets you customize and build new IT automations to your heart’s content!

Automating Your Service Desk Is a Game Changer… Just Ask the Fortune 500s Who Use Resolve.

We help Service Desk teams achieve unparalleled results when it comes to reducing MTTR, doing more with less, empowering and left-shifting frontline agents, minimizing escalations, and most importantly… satisfying end users and stakeholders.


by simply automating on-boarding & off-boarding users in a multi-billion-dollar global services company


by automating incident resolution impacting a customer-facing pharmacy application for one of the top global retailers

80% fewer man hours

by safely automating application access and permissions granting in a Fortune 100 enterprise


by automating disk cleanup for a leading credit card company

Too good to be true? In fact, Forrester estimates that our software will pay for itself in just 30 days. Get the full report here


Want to Resolve Incidents in Seconds?
Automation is the Ticket.

  • Drowning in alarm clutter and sick of wasting time chasing down issues that really don’t exist? We can relate.
  • Stressed out about how long it takes to diagnose and resolve real incidents? You’re in good company.
  • Too many escalations got you down? We understand.
  • Wish you could automate responses to complex incidents? Been there.

We take the anxiety out of incidents.
Resolve empowers you to address incidents (even the complex ones!) without escalating to Level 2 agents. Improve service delivery at scale by leveraging automation that helps you validate, diagnose, & resolve incidents quickly.

Go from Average to Exceeds Expectations When It Comes to Incident Response.

  • Fully automate diagnosis and resolution of incidents
  • Validate incidents and eliminate false positives by automating time-consuming system and service checks
  • Automate the collection of key troubleshooting information into an easy-to-read, color-coded dashboard to quickly find where the issue likely resides
  • Arm frontline agents with interactive automations, including step-by-step instructions, incremental automations, and decision trees for more complex resolutions
  • Enable admins to safely execute remediation steps without direct access to the systems using SME-approved and SME-developed automations
  • Capture all remediation actions and case artifacts for compliance, governance, and auditing purposes and auto-update tickets

Ready to resolve incidents faster and reduce your escalations? Check out Resolve.

Got 3 Minutes? See How to Accelerate Incident Resolution with Resolve + ITSM!


Want to Fulfill Service Requests Faster & Make People Happier? You Can Do It with Resolve.

  • Tired of end users complaining about how long it takes to fulfill their service requests? You’re not alone.
  • Wish you could let users “self-serve” and fulfill their service requests on their own? Us, too.
  • Are your Level 2 and senior SMEs spending too many cycles on reactive issues like service requests and not enough on innovating? Join the club.

We empower end users and service desk agents with automation.
With Resolve you can deliver services faster, close tickets on time, reduce escalations, and eliminate hand-offs between teams... and that means you can work on more interesting problems.

Claim Superstar Status for Your Service Desk with Fully Automated Service Requests.

  • Fully automate routine service requests to free up agents to do more valuable work
  • Empower end users with self-service options for common tasks by using clear, guided processes and automations provided by IT
  • Automate and provide guidance for tested, SME-approved processes to empower Level-1 service desk agents to address a higher volume of issues and reduce escalations, and to ensure they can safely access IT systems without fear of introducing downtime
  • Free up subject matter experts to focus on innovation, not tickets

Ready to automate your Service Desk? Let Resolve do the heavy lifting.


Do You Shudder at the Thought of Change Management? Overcome Fear of Change with Resolve.

  • Do your users whine about how rigid your change management process has become? Been there, done that.
  • Wonder why change requests have to involve painful, drawn-out processes with tons of manual approvals and handoffs across teams? We feel your pain.
  • Are your spidey senses telling you that latest update to your database is going to wreak havoc on your applications? We know that feeling.
  • Worried that your ‘audit trail’ consists of a random string of notes manually entered into tickets that are useless for rollbacks and audits? The fear is real.

Resolve will change the way you think about change management.
Resolve delivers SME-approved automations that eliminate human error and provide a rock-solid audit trail... and we can even automate post-change testing, so you can be 100% confident you didn't break anything!

Crush Change Management with Resolve as Your Secret Weapon.

  • Automate highly variable, decision-dependent change processes using Resolve’s unique interactive automation, which enables you (the human) to make the tough decisions at critical points in the end-to-end orchestration, while automating everything in between
  • Automate post-change checks (plus any necessary fixes) to ensure all changes were successful (and didn’t break anything!)
  • Empower admins with SME-approved, guided standard operating procedures to perform change requests, while eliminating unnecessary handoffs and freeing up valuable time for your SMEs
  • Document all of the steps that are automated or executed by an agent to provide a real-time, centralized audit trail that enables you to rollback if needed and stay compliant

Ready to embrace change? Let Resolve automate your worries away and make you a champion of change management.


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