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Automate IT Operations

Streamline processes, ensure compliance, and provide efficient and reliable IT services

IT Process Automation for Financial Services

The financial services industry is experiencing an exciting period of transformation and innovation. Financial institutions are embracing digital technologies to enhance customer experiences. Mobile banking, online trading, and digital payment platforms are becoming increasingly sophisticated, providing customers with convenient and personalized services. IT operations are at the forefront of this shift, driving innovation by harnessing automation to enhance efficiency, security, customer experiences, and regulatory compliance.

Core Banking Digitization

Streamline core banking operations with automation. Eliminate risk of errors, and ensure timely processing

Regulatory Compliance

Always ensure compliance with complex and evolving regulations industry regulations like PCI DSS, GDPR, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Process-centric IT Platform

Orchestrate and automate workflows across your legacy non-API systems or modern cloud-based applications all using one platform.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Integrate across team and tool silos to drive faster delivery of services and new innovation to positively impact experience.

Why Resolve?

Accelerate Digital Transformation with an enterprise-ready, intelligent automation platform

Unified Incident Response

Single pane of glass for all incident response tasks, scripts, investigations, processes, and notes

Process Orchestration

Centralize your scripts and point automations to a thoughtful workflow with the Resolve platform

Human-guided Automation

Automate mission-critical workflows your way, incrementally with human-guided or unattended automation

Pre-built Integrations

Connect your IT systems and tools with 1000s of out-of-the-box Resolve integrations


Scale to millions of automations, on premise or in the cloud; proven success in the most complex and largest organizations

Building an Automation Strategy: A Guide for Financial Services Organizations

Building an Automation Strategy: A Guide for Financial Services Organizations

Digital transformation, despite the buzzword it’s become, is more attainable with the right automation technologies.

While financial services IT teams have been using scripts and simple automations to improve efficiency for quite some time now, the landscape has expanded to focus on innovative, strategic automation for picture-perfect customer experiences, operational efficacy and resiliency, and robust risk management.

Learn how IT leaders of today are elevating automation in our guide.

Automations for Financial Services

Automatic Request Fulfillment

Resource Provisioning

Self-service provision infrastructure resources on the cloud/on-premises with necessary approvals

Access requests and AD Syncs

Completely automate provisioning and decommissioning of accounts with precision and speed

Speedy Incident

Event-triggered auto-remediation

Run self-healing automations triggered by events to remediate issues as soon as they occur

Validation and Diagnostics

Automatically validate tickets or observability events and flag urgent ones for IT oversight


Database Health Checks

Schedule automations to run regular disk space checks to fine tune performance

Infrastructure Oversight

Proactively manage health of your infrastructure around patching, backups, and snapshots


$1.4M cost savings within the first 3 years

Regained control of IT incidents being escalated to their I&O team through left-shift. Created a strategic automation COE and automated the unmanageable volume of repetitive tasks and processes, particularly in incident response, to reduce outages by 20%.

Resolve Actions is Your Platform of Choice for Automation

Unified Orchestration & Automation Platform

Create a centralized automation hub for all your new automations and existing scripts using a robust unified orchestration layer.

Low-code or “Bring-your-own-code” Automation

Drag-and-drop automation actions to build new workflows or import your existing scripts to build a library.


1000s of Pre-built Integrations and Connectors

Download third-party integrations for your favorite applications from the Automation Exchange. Seamlessly integrate bi-directionally with any IT tool.

Built-in ROI Calculator

Clearly articulate the ROI for each automation workflow with metrics and reports.

Resolve Actions

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