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Resolve Actions

Intelligent IT Process Automation platform to help you unleash innovation

Fast Results

Automate faster with IT automation solutions delivered as SaaS

Deep Integrations

Connect your IT systems and tools with 1000s of out-of-the-box Resolve integrations

Extreme Scalability

A single unified platform to orchestrate all IT use cases regardless of complexity

Elevate Your IT

with automation that crosses IT silos and environments

Today IT is leading the technology-led transformation across the organization, be it supporting new initiatives, ensuring business continuity across a complex tools ecosystem, or even keeping the lights on with mission-critical systems. To continue on the path to digital maturity, IT process automation has to be a priority because of its ability to shift enterprise digital transformation into a higher gear and provide much needed additional capacity for IT to focus on strategic projects.

IT teams globally choose Resolve Actions intelligent automation and orchestration platform to meet growing business demands to scale ITSM, IT operations, Cloud operations and Network operations. Millions of automations are powered by Resolve on a daily basis spanning the most complex workflows and IT environments.


ROI Dashboard

As our customers continue to make the most out of their IT automations, we are thrilled to present the ROI Dashboard, part of our latest Resolve Actions release.

  • Easily set up with just a few inputs, the ROI dashboard can start visualizing key KPIs.
  • Clearly understand ROI for specific IT automation workflows and their cost and time savings.
  • Drill into the specifics to view data by the top cost savings over a time period, and/or by the most time efficient workflows.
  • Understand the impact of automation across a time- period.


Automate & Orchestrate Across IT Silos with Cross-Domain Coverage

One unified IT automation platform that supports you at every stage of the automation journey

Faster Response Times

Schedule work flows in advance to be activated for IT events automatically triggering response procedures

Extreme Scalability

Increase team capacity by automating repetitive, time-sensitive tasks across IT processes

Lower Operational Costs

Automate to increase IT efficiency, be it process speed or time, to contain operational costs

Higher Accuracies

Standardize processes to create consistent automated workflows that are highly accurate

Resolve Actions is the platform of choice for Intelligent IT Process Automation

Unified orchestration & automation platform

Provides robust unified orchestration layer that creates a centralized automation hub

No code, low-code, bring your own code

Offers drag-and-drop Automation Designer, Form Builder, and Page Builder for a user- friendly, low-code experience that simplifies and accelerates delivery of new automations

Extensive depth & breadth of ‘actions’

Provides thousands of prebuilt action tasks, process templates, and runbooks. Automate compute, storage, network, cloud, and service desk use cases with a powerful automation platform

OOTB Integrations and connectors

Seamlessly integrates with almost any IT tool bidirectionally – completely vendor agnostic. Includes pre-built connectors and integrations for fast implementation

1000s of pre-built automations with Automation Exchange

Extensive library of prebuilt automation templates to jumpstart an end-to-end automation workflow

Ability to start small and grow

Executes hundreds of millions of automations per day (as proven in existing customer environments) and scales to tens of millions of devices (as proven in existing customer environments)

Accelerated by multiple drivers, IT leaders are seeking to do more with less

Read how IT leaders are cracking tough automation challenges to keep pace with the momentum toward digital transformation.

Customer Spotlight

Zayo Delivers Superior Customer Service with Resolve’s Service-Level Automations

Enriched, Intelligent Alarms

Alarms automatically enriched with customer name, circuit ID, site location, and suppressed “noise”

Unified, Consolidated Customer Info

No coding required! With thousands of pre-built tasks and actions, building the automated steps in a process is as simple as a click.

Automated Customer Notifications and Self-service

Subscribed customers automatically receive service outage notifications.

The power of Resolve Actions to orchestrate and automate across IT silos

ITSM Automation

Deliver the best & fastest customer experiences automations for ticket fulfillment

IT Operations

Ensure business as usual—always with automations such as alert auto- remediation

Network Automation

Keep your network & infrastructure up and running with Day-0 to Day-n automations

Cloud Operations

Seamlessly manage hybrid IT environments with standardized workflows

IT Centers of Excellence

Schedule work flows in advance to be activated for IT events automatically triggering response procedures

IT Integrations

Download 1000s of pre-built integrations from theAutomation Exchange along with sample workflows to get you going

Resolve Integrations map