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Telco Giant Saves 100K Staff Hours With One Year of Automation

Customer Objective 

An African-based telco giant was looking to maintain its customer loyalty and increase its subscribers, but first needed to ensure its network evolved while maintaining performance, as to improve operational efficiencies of their existing processes.  

The Solutions for Driving Process Efficiency 

Resolve Actions and Automation Exchange made up the telco’s platform of choice for alleviating its network operation pain points and support complex, customer-facing use cases. The telco identified key processes to automate, enabling better management of the dynamically increasing complexity of their multi-vendor errors while reducing human mistakes.

Network configuration was the telco’s top priority due to its high error rate and sluggish pace, which prevented the IT team from having enough agility and speed to respond to business needs. Inefficiencies included:  

  • Incorrect config requests
  • Costly, time-consuming human errors
  • Slow acknowledgement of and response to approval requests
  • Need for manual service assurance checks for check every line of config and logs 

Resolve Actions could scale to meet the telco’s needs and help them automate key, complex use cases.

Automation Exchange enabled a quicker start, providing pre-built integrations with their network vendors. 

Automation Overhauls Network Configuration  

Resolve’s platform automated the end-to-end process of accepting a planner’s configuration, validating the proposed configuration, and actually deploying that configuration to the target devices. Automation enabled a system of efficiency and reliability that saved a great deal of time and significantly improved network configuration overall. Improvements included: 

  • Significant reduction of mistakes by electronically validating data entry before the submission for configuration script was sent
  • A maintained, strict adherence to the standard operating procedure
  • Real-time validation of the device
  • Integration with third party systems to handle real-time updates and increase inventory management efficiency
  • Automated requests and reminders to notably reduce wait times for acknowledgements and approval requests
  • Process standardization with consistent quality checks and assurance check executions
  • Decreased time spent on a new site configuration  

The Business Impact of Automation  

The telco company realized new IT efficiencies with automation that benefited the business as a whole, with quantitative gains like cost savings, greater profitability, and ROI. Qualitative results included greater productivity and higher employee engagement. Business impacts included:  

  • Over 100,000 hours saved in one year, with 32 use cases
  • A successfully upskilled workforce and adoption of an automation-first culture
  • A pipeline of use cases to support their automation strategy, with 147 workflows ready in the backlog
  • Five Resolve SMEs made up their automation COE, drove automation best practices, and advocate for healthy automation methods
  • Expanded footprint from the network operations teams to IT Operations with 10 use cases 

Discover what automation can do for your network configuration and the business outcomes it has to offer! Explore Resolve Actions.