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Resolve Automation Exchange

Your Force Multiplier to IT Process Automation - A Library of Pre-Built Integrations & Workflows

Automation exchange
Drive Adoption

Empower employees to build complex automation with a library of OOTB integrations

Accelerate ROI

Leverage pre-built automation workflows to fuel a fast start into any automation initiative

Crowdsource Expertise

Gain access to best practices and expertise from an ecosystem of partners and Resolve developers

Improve Automation Quality

Ensure standardization and control quality easily with a baseline for automation workflows

A Game Changer For Digital Transformation

Breathe new life into automation with Automation Exchange’s comprehensive library of pre-built integrations and workflows. Drive rapid organization-wide adoption with ready-to-use templates available for customizations

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Accelerate ROI with Resolve Automation Exchange

The Automation Exchange provides out-of-the-box content for 100s of common vendors, technologies and use cases for implementing automations. It houses over 5000 pre-built integrations and workflows that are simply a search away from Actions. When used in symbiosis with the industry-leading IT orchestration capabilities of Resolve Actions, this powerful combination accelerates enterprise digital transformation

Sample templates for common process workflows

1000s of re-useable action tasks

Integrations with 100s of the most common 3rd party vendors

ML-based Recommendation Engine to suggest additional processes automations

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A Closer Look at the Recommendation Engine

How does the Recommendation Engine ingest a file (up to 50mb) filled with event data, & transform it into suggested automations you can download to remediate the underlying incidents which triggered those events?

Here are some highlights:

  • A variety of natural language processing (NLP) and synthetic data transformation techniques are leveraged to convert event description inputs into search criteria.
  • Existing content is monitored on a regular basis resulting in frequent improvements to the data transformation model.
  • A very fast & scalable full-text search engine is employed for its ability to load transformations once as cached filters that are reused for each subsequent text query executed.
  • The search engine's distributed architecture can also easily scale horizontally, ensuring that adding more clients or content to the platform will not significantly impact performance.
  • The 2-step approach of regularly monitoring reusable content and leveraging the search engine's capabilities without going through intermediate services, guarantees up-to-date & accurate searchable content, which in turn delivers fast & scalable recommendations.

Automation Exchange and Resolve Actions

Used in conjunction with Resolve Actions, organizations globally are accelerating time-to-value maximizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving service levels across their entire IT ecosystem.

No other orchestration tool makes it easier or quicker to automate manual IT processes, and the Automation Exchange with its Recommendation Engine acts as a force multiplier to accelerate that even further.