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Automation Pilot Program Helps Top 10 Global Bank Save $1 Million Annually

Organization Profile

Worldwide financial services leader that operates in more than 50 countries and provides comprehensive solutions to clients in private banking, investment banking, and asset management. 


The Switzerland-based integrated universal bank sought to improve productivity and reduce costs, starting in its IT department. Although the organization wanted to make a significant impact on these goals, manual processes weighed too heavily on IT’s efficiency and effectiveness. The company wanted an innovative, flexible, and scalable solution that could break though functional boundaries within the organization, as well as an automation partner that fully understood the underlying processes to target.


The financial services enterprise of more than 200,000 employees identified increased automation as a strategic initiative across multiple IT functions, and the ideal starting point lied in their command center. Here, they kicked off an automation pilot project and rolled it out to 17,000 users. 

To avoid silos over time, they used automation that would support additional automation projects – that could build onto each other as needed in the future. This automation solution also enabled the diminishing of multiplicative efforts across related, but separate process areas, such as one to provision a VM for a VMware versus a Microsoft environment.  

Additionally, the solution helped deliver synchronous automation triggered by incidents and end user interaction, provided guided workflow and decision automation capabilities, and offered an intuitive, robust means to maintain knowledge and keep information fresh and actionable.


  • A 60 percent reduction in ticket volume 
  • $1 million saved annually with the pilot project 
  • Automation of the work of 10 full-time operations employees 
  • Faster response times and times saved 
  • Significant improvements of the Global Service Desk’s most important KPIs, including: 
    • A reduction in incident handling time by up to 50 percent 
    • A reduction of incident volumes by up to 30 percent 
    • Prevention of unintended incidents  

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