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How to Complement Cisco AppDynamics Full-Stack Observability With Automated Actions From Resolve

Written By AppDynamics
May 12, 2022

In today’s digital world, application responsiveness isn’t just an end-user desire but an expectation. Nobody understands the challenges of meeting these demands better than IT, which must remain poised to act when an issue occurs while also finding ways to innovate, improve, and implement continuously.

When we add to this the increasing complexity of applications, infrastructures, rapidly evolving technology, growing interdependencies, and escalating security concerns, it is clear why IT teams are feeling pressure from all sides.

Cisco AppDynamics is offering a new approach known as full-stack observability to achieve real-time end-to-end visibility. Combined with Resolve, businesses can now automatically remediate issues with intelligent insights, thereby addressing the significant challenges posed by complexity.

Addressing these challenges and “keeping the lights on” requires real-time end-to-end visibility across the entire IT ecosystem. It also requires a digital approach that leverages intelligent technology to instantly and automatically remediate incidents before they can become a problem.

This new approach from AppDynamics is known as full-stack observability. Together, AppDynamics and Resolve can remediate issues automatically with intelligent insights, thereby addressing the major challenges posed by complexity.

Close the Loop and Remediate Incidents Before They Become a Problem. Request a Demo.

What is Full-Stack Observability?

The AppDynamics approach to full-stack observability moves beyond domain monitoring into business-focused visibility that yields insights focused on key business metrics. With full-stack observability, IT teams can eliminate siloed infrastructure and gain actionable insights that provide shared context, enabling them to deliver exceptional digital experiences, optimize cost and performance, and maximize digital business revenue.

One key thing to remember is that full-stack observability is not the same thing as monitoring. While monitoring can track and compile information, it only accomplishes half of the goal. Instead, full-stack observability gathers data from across the entire IT stack to provide real-time business insights. With this information, businesses can make decisions based on their needs to support their staff and end-users.

Unified insights are more critical than ever due to the ever-increasing complexity of today’s digital landscape. This is why many organizations are turning to advanced platforms, like AppDynamics, to help quickly and accurately identify the root cause of application and infrastructure issues.

In IT, full-stack observability enables businesses to prioritize and isolate problems with contextual insights from across the application landscape, enabling accurate and swift decisions.

With full-stack observability, businesses have a real-time, unified view of performance data from across the stack. With this data, they can optimize applications and address problems without dramatically impacting users. This is critical, both in terms of incident response and IT optimization.

How Can Automation Help?

Just as full-stack observability can elevate monitoring, automation can effectively close the loop and create a self-driving IT incident management and remediation solution. Through a seamless integration between AppDynamics and Resolve, you can instantly detect and identify application performance issues and their root causes. If performance deviates from baseline or an error occurs, AppDynamics generates an alert that triggers and executes a predefined workflow remediation process in Resolve.

This combination enables IT alert automation, accelerating resolution time to mere seconds for common issues. Additionally, by integrating alerting and precise root cause analysis with intelligent IT automation, businesses will eliminate the manual labor associated with standard errors, enabling them to redeploy IT resources to more strategic tasks.

With the skyrocketing complexity of today’s multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments, businesses must leverage the power of automation to create a flawless digital experience. Using AppDynamics and Resolve, companies can achieve a fully optimized, self-healing IT environment that enables them to meet and exceed end-user demands and expectations.

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About the author, AppDynamics:

About the author, AppDynamics:

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