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Third Largest Retailer Worldwide More than Triples Goal of Hours Saved with Automation

Organization Profile

UK-based multinational groceries and general merchandise giant with 1000s of stores worldwide and 300k+ employees.


The retailer was looking for a sustainable way to solve several inefficiencies stemming from an overwhelming volume of manual tasks and processes. The company ultimately wanted to save costs and hours, augment value with better incident response, and achieve greater return on investment (ROI). And they wanted it to all come from a carefully devised, strategic, and unrushed automation approach.


The company strategized automation expansion according to the most pressing needs, ideal starting points, and likelihood of positive business results, working with Resolve data analysts lay out the automation path forward. 

They started small with automations, and soon saw opportunities to integrate new management systems from end-to-end, building on automations already in use. They gained a new ability to produce a backlog and resolve stability issues.  

Automation unlocked a full understanding of a service request’s context so the team could apply a structure to address infrastructure concerns, and it transformed the process into a scalable action.


  • 1,410 hours saved against a target of 300 
  • 20 use cases in production 
  • 30 use cases in their backlog 

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