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Future-Proof Your IT Operations with Hyperautomation

March 24, 2021 Isaac Sacolic, author of best-selling book, Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology, leads a roundtable event exploring hyperautomation.

In the race to drive digital transformation, improve employee experiences, and forge more data-driven enterprises, IT operational teams, NOCs, and SOCs are now supporting increasingly complex infrastructures and a growing number of mission-critical services.

Accordingly, IT is shifting from largely static infrastructures to elastic multi-cloud architectures and from reactive NOCs to adaptive ones that leverage AIOps, DDM, and automation. Today’s IT organizations must enable DevOps to deploy frequently, data science teams to experiment with larger data sets, and nimble business services to respond to customer needs.

Join us for this by-invitation-only roundtable discussion facilitated by Isaac Sacolick, president of StarCIO, former CTO/CIO, bestselling author, and industry thought leader. To prime you for and build off the discussion, we'll send you a digital copy of Isaac’s best-selling book, “Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology."

Isaac will share insights from his experience driving transformation across dozens of organizations, discuss the challenges facing IT teams tasked with scaling operations, and explain why hyperautomation will be critical for IT success in the future.

Join us to discuss:

  • What your IT organization will look like in 2025
  • Challenges facing IT teams, ranging from multi-cloud to staffing shortages
  • Defining hyperautomation for IT
  • Practical applications of hyperautomation, such as:
    • Supporting a dynamic CMDB with DDM
    • Breaking through with low-code, reusable, and self-documenting automations
    • Simplifying the tools connecting insights to actions
  • Opportunities and benefits of hyperautomation

Space is very limited at this exclusive event. Request an invite to secure your spot!

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