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Tech Talk Healthcare IT Summit | Boston

October 25, 2022 5:30PM - 8:30PM Location to be announced Tech Talk Healthcare IT Summit  |  Boston


Networking & Cocktails with Your Healthcare IT Community
TechTalk Healthcare IT events are where professionals throughout the global health ecosystem connect for education, innovation and collaboration. The program is brought to you, in the community where your network connections matter the most. Our events are quick and to the point. We know how busy you are – so join us after work for cocktails and appetizers as you connect with providers and IT consultants that have the information and solutions you need to answer the challenges healthcare IT professionals face.

From security attacks, regulatory compliance and legislative mandates, to process changes resulting from new technology innovations and patient expectations, your organization is facing daily challenges preventing you from doing the work that matters.

TechTalk Healthcare events are where your most difficult IT challenges are discussed and transformed, such as:

Minimizing security breaches to reduce cyber theft and increase patient privacy
Eliminating network blind spots resulting from mergers and acquisitions
Transformation of the business to align with a patient-centric approach
Leveraging of technology to ensure a competitive advantage
Use of technology to improve access to electronic medical records (EMR) at all times

Healthcare companies across the globe are implementing digital change to solve outdated solutions, fast. Find the urgent answers you need at this event, register now.


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