One IT Automation Platform:

Hundreds of Integrations

We built our platform to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT ecosystem, including current tools and processes. That’s how we can automate things you can’t imagine are possible, including service-level automations that scream past limitations of task-based tools. Forget about rip and replace… Resolve maximizes ROI on your current tools, while taking automation to new levels that will blow your mind.

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Go Ahead… Integrate Resolve With Just About Anything

In addition to out-of-the-box integrations for your favorite systems, Resolve can easily integrate with custom solutions or other tools with our open framework. We can connect to almost anything via REST API, SNMP, SMTP, SOAP, SSH, TCP, or other common protocols in the alphabet soup.

Road-tested integrations to unify your IT ecosystem

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Technologies