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White Paper

Incident Response, Reimagined

Businesses these days simply cannot afford to have mission-critical applications down, as it too often costs well over a million dollars.

In fact, The Uptime Institute says the share of outages that passed the $1 million mark increased from 11 percent to 15 percent from 2019-2022.

IT plays a critical role in keeping costly downtime to a minimum, if not preventing it all together. Unfortunately, today’s rise in business demands, economic shifts, and urgency for digital transformation create too many tasks for network, security, and IT operations teams to handle.

That’s where automation can become an absolute game-changer. Incident response automation empowers IT teams and leads to greater cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and higher ROI.

In this white paper, you’ll discover:

  • The top 10 incident response challenges IT teams face today
  • Five key benefits of implementing automation for incident response
  • Real-life use cases, including how three organizations reduced labor costs by $4.6M+ and cut incident response time from 31 hours to less than a minute

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