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Unraveling the IT Riddle: Automation or Orchestration – Who Wins?

With both macro-economic and internal pressures mounting, IT teams are expected to be extremely efficient, fast, and cost-effective while also driving innovation and supporting digital transformation goals. IT teams must evolve and break through existing bottlenecks created by manual processes, technical debt, and organizational silos.

At the heart of this evolution is the automation and orchestration of IT processes. Automation and orchestration are often considered interchangeable, yet they’re typically seen as two distinct solution paths. Which one is right for your organization?

We had an exciting panel of IT automation leaders to help solve the riddle, including:

Watch the replay as our panel delves into the nitty gritty of IT automation and orchestration. This webinar will detangle the complex decision-making processes that keep IT teams in a bind, including:

  • The difference of each approach and their unique advantages
  • The right strategy and execution mix of automation and orchestration
  • How to leverage your existing tech, tools, and infrastructure to maximize time to value and ROI

Watch now and solve the riddle: IT automation or orchestration – who wins?

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