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Cloud Operations

Orchestrate Across All Cloud Vendors From a Single Pane of Glass

Automate EC3 Instances

Automatically create AWS EC2 instances triggered by tickets in any ITSM platform.

Automate Azure Self-Healing

Implement a self-healing capability for Azure that mitigates impact outages to your on-premise infrastructure.

Automate GCP Resizing

Autonomously Resize Google Cloud Disk after receiving low disk space alerts from event management platforms.


Rapidly Migrate to the Cloud, Auto-Remediate Server and Application Issues, Deploy and Provision Systems, and Optimize Resources to Manage Costs

Resolve’s integrations with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, along with available activities for VMware and Docker, allow administrators to create and restore snapshots and images, create new images based on existing ones, and verify image definitions based on best practices. Automating common storage tasks like file uploads and retrieval, creation and deletion of buckets, and more is a cinch with Resolve’s AWS and Amazon S3 integrations. Resolve sends alerts when resource utilization is high and automates remediation.

We can also automate all of your most common cloud tasks. Automated workflows create, provision and configure cloud instances, create snapshots of images, and assign proper security policies for them. Halt development and test instances during non-working hours and terminate instances that are past their due dates to avoid incurring unnecessary charges.


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