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Network Operations Automation

Effortlessly Run Your Hybrid Network at Scale

Network Resiliency for Changing Business Demands

Demands on networks are increasing exponentially as the pace of operations is constantly accelerating. Resolve simplifies managing network operations to ensure continuous service delivery.



by empowering Level 1 agents to validate, diagnose, and resolve IPTV-related incidents without escalation to Level 2/3 in one of the largest IPTV providers in the world.



by converting manual, reactive tasks related to testing T1 network connectivity into automated, proactive workflows.



by enabling Level 1 agents to resolve incidents quickly and independently – without escalation.



by reducing the volume and duration of customer incidents while supporting network growth

Elevate Your NOC Beyond Keeping the Lights On

Deliver best-in-class modern network operations with these automation benefits.

Centralize Configuration Management

Deploy and configure connectivity for network devices, apps, servers, and endpoints – no matter how complex your current process

Streamline Governance and Compliance

Bring all your configurations into one place for easy management of network endpoints

Put Standard Processes on Autopilot

Make changes at scale with pre-approved runbooks and eliminate human error

Speed up Incident Response

Eliminate inefficient handoffs between IT Ops and NetOps teams with SME-approved automations

Resolve Network Automation Solutions

Technology-Agnostic Orchestration

End-to-end Automation and Orchestration Across Any Network Environment

Hybrid Cloud Networks

Seamlessly orchestrate network services across virtual and physical network devices. Mask hidden complexities and scale with an integrated approach.

Multi-Domain Networks

Benefit from a unified automation platform with capabilities that span multiple domains from traditional physical networks, cloud networks, modern programmable networks, SD- WANs, etc.

Multi-Vendor Networks

Maximize your investments for best of breed network vendors using a single automation framework to simplify administration and operational nightmares.

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Provisioning & Configuration

Operationalize Configuration Management at Scale

  • Deploy and configure connectivity for network devices, apps, servers, and endpoints with confidence
  • Standardize configurations and enforce compliance with automation
  • Verify connectivity and ensure performance with automated post-provisioning checks
  • Orchestrate all your existing scripts in one place for full visibility and control

Popular Automations

  • Configuration Validation & Standardization
  • Compliance Reporting & Remediation
  • Device Onboarding

Network Incident Auto-Remediation

Create Closed-loop Incident Response Management

  • Automatically trigger remediation workflows to triage, validate, diagnose, and resolve alarms, issues, and IT tickets
  • Collect rich troubleshooting data across multiple IT environments to build timelines and diagnose issues with speed and accuracy
  • Streamline NetOps handoffs with end-to-end remediation workflows
  • Enrich IT tickets with real-time progress and data for a complete audit trail in human-understandable language

Popular Automations

  • Service Stop / Start
  • Link Down Diagnosis & Remediation
  • VPN Connectivity
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Service desk requests

Proactive Testing & Troubleshooting

Prevent Outages with Automated, Proactive Network Testing

  • Schedule health- and compliance-checks with comprehensive reports to ensure optimal network performance always
  • Create easy-to-read, color-coded dashboards with network test results to stay on top of anomalies
  • Reduce escalations with automatically triggered SME-approved self-healing procedures
  • Catch potential issues early and remediate them before they turn into incidents

Popular Automations

  • PIM Testing
  • Network Health-Check
  • Circuit Testing

A Powerful Automation Platform with the Fastest Time to Value

Low-code, no-code or “bring-your-own code” automation

Simply drag and drop to build new automations or import your existing scripts to build a library

1000s of pre-built automations and workflows

Download pre-built workflows from the Automation Exchange for faster time to value

Human-guided, interactive automation procedures

Allow for human input into complex resolution workflows so IT can safely provision connectivity or configure systems

Incident management with intuitive dashboards

Centralize management all aspects of the incident resolution process with detailed color-coded dashboards

Built-in ROI calculator

Clearly articulate the ROI for each automation workflow with metrics and reports

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Integrations in your Network Operations environment

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Network Operations Technologies

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