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Navigating Automation: Uniting Resolve Systems’ Framework with TM Forum’s Model for Operational Excellence

Written By Graham McDonough
Apr 24, 2024

With the possibilities for increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer experiences, organizations are embracing automation across multiple areas of their operational activities. However, navigating the complexities of automation requires a structured approach. This is where frameworks such as Resolve Systems’ Automation Capability Framework and the TM Forum Automation Maturity Model come into play. 

What is TM Forum  

TM Forum constitutes an alliance comprising over 800 global enterprises collaborating to dismantle barriers, both technological and cultural, among digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies, and systems integrators. Its membership boasts 10 out of the world’s top 10 network and communications providers, spanning 111 countries.  

Members of TM Forum leverage one another’s collective expertise and capabilities to jointly address intricate industry-wide issues, roll out innovative services, and foster technological advancements to expedite transformative change. 

TM Forum Automation Maturity Model 

The TM Forum Automation Maturity Model serves as a comprehensive guide for organizations to assess their automation capabilities across different domains. It comprises six maturity levels, each representing a stage of automation evolution: 

  • Level 0 – Manual management: Characterized by offline manual operations and maintenance 
  • Level 1 – Assisted management: Online, with assisted execution and awareness of tasks 
  • Level 2 – Partial autonomous network: Automation driven by statically configured rules 
  • Level 3 – Conditional autonomous network: Automation implementation driven by dynamically programmable policies 
  • Level 4 – High autonomous network: Automatic implementation driven by AI assisted (if needed) knowledge, with continuous learning and rapid evolution. 
  • Level 5 – Full autonomous network: Automatic implementation capable of self-evolution and adapting to changes. 

Resolve Systems Automation Capabilities Framework 

Resolve Systems’ Automation Capability Framework offers a structured approach to implementing and scaling automation initiatives. It consists of four key pillars: 

  • Stop the Bleeding: Single department (siloed) automations using scripts and simple automations filling gaps in exiting technology stacks. 
  • React & Respond: Some cross departmental automation solutions, reacting to events and triggers for single process. 
  • Proactive & Predictive: Cross functional automation proactively remediation before an issue arises.
  • Transform: Full Orchestration across all business process and systems

Aligning Resolve Systems’ Framework with TM Forum’s Model 

Resolve Systems’ Automation Capability Framework can be aligned with the TM Forum Automation Maturity Model, offering organizations a roadmap to advance through the maturity levels: 

  • Siloed: Organizations at the initial level of maturity can leverage Resolve Systems’ framework to identify automation opportunities and lay the foundation for structured automation initiatives. 
  • Cross Cutting: As organizations progress to the managed and defined levels, Resolve Systems’ framework enables them to design and deliver automation solutions that are aligned with standardised processes and integrated across the enterprise. 
  • Full Orchestration: At the quantitatively managed and optimized levels, Resolve Systems’ framework facilitates continuous optimization of automation processes, enabling organizations to measure performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and drive innovation.

Resolve COE Delivery and Enablement 

The Resolve Centre of Excellence (COE) helps businesses build automation delivery processes and empower teams using our unique approach. We have our own method to streamline processes, which can play a crucial role in moving businesses forward through our Automation Capability Framework.  

The Resolve COE framework also drive efficiency and development velocity though maximum re-usability and adoption of pre-built automations. 

Through this framework, we identify areas where automation can make a difference and develop tailored solutions. By doing so, we not only save time and resources but also free up teams to focus on more strategic tasks. Ultimately, the Resolve CoE serves as a hub for innovation, driving continuous improvement and growth across the organization. 


In conclusion, Resolve Systems’ Automation Capability Framework and the TM Forum Automation Maturity Model complement each other, providing organizations with a comprehensive approach to automation implementation and maturity assessment. By aligning these frameworks, organizations can effectively navigate the complexities of automation, drive operational excellence, and achieve their strategic objectives in the digital age.  

To learn more about Resolve Systems and how you can leverage Automation Capability Framework and the TM Forum Automation Maturity Model together for your organization, schedule a free interactive product demo today.

About the author, Graham McDonough:

About the author, Graham McDonough:

Director of Advisory Services

Graham is a seasoned professional with a passion for problem solving and strategic guidance. As the Director of Advisory Services at Resolve, he brings over 25 years of consulting experience in the IT and Telecom business sectors. Graham specializes in driving successful partnerships with customers to deliver on business objectives and crush automation goals. Graham is a keen cyclist and can often be found riding though the English countryside.