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Top 3 Ways IT Automation Drives Certainty in 2023’s Times of Economic Uncertainty 

Written By Saba Mirza
Jun 8, 2023

It seems like we can’t escape the burden of uncertainty. From the countless things we were uncertain about during the Covid-19 pandemic to the current state of the economy, financial circumstances and trends, and fear of unemployment.  
For many of today’s businesses of all sizes, predicting the future might appear nearly impossible.  

IT teams at the start of the pandemic in 2020 shifted without notice to supporting remote employees. It meant an all-new way for companies to re-evaluate their technology and processes, as they looked to provide stability and security when so much was unknown.  

IT automation offered a huge helping hand to those working in IT – it was the missing piece of the puzzle when it came to finding any signs of certainty, and a guiding light during the time when millions of employees worked remotely.  

Known as the use of technology to automate repetitive IT manual tasks, such as password resets, software deployment, and data backup, IT automation emerged as a critical tool. 

… And it’s stayed that way. 

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Automation is the Way Forward  

Leading companies have already announced that investment in technology and automation is happening. As Charlotte, North Carolina-based Duke Energy, CIO Bonnie Titone told The Wall Street Journal in December 2022, figuring out how to achieve greater outcomes without spending more money raises a real question: “How do you do that?” 

Companies redirecting their IT priorities at the start of 2023 included Tyson Foods, Inc., Unilever North America, Target Corp., Liberty Mutual, and others.  

In fact, Tyson Foods, Inc. in an interview said the company will invest more than $1.3 billion to increase automation in its factories over the next three years. 

Also looking ahead to potential changes and pivots, infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders would ideally turn to workload orchestration, automation, and collaboration to deliver value while optimizing costs, as management of infrastructure and operations becomes more difficult.  

Gartner, in November 2022, found that cost-related pressures are on the rise, which will cause a greater sense of urgency to reduce overlapping and duplicating expenses that result from using too many technologies at the same time – a case where automation will be key.  

The Top 3 Ways Automation Delivers Certainty in Uncertain Times 

1. Creating Capacity: Ensure You Can Continue to Operate Business as Usual 

IT automation has the ability to increase capacity and keep the business running smoothly, as if nothing has changed. Automated systems can perform repetitive tasks much faster and with higher efficiency than humans, giving more time to IT staff for focusing on more strategic initiatives. 

This improved efficiency can set companies up to better meet their deadlines and goals, providing a sense of stability and security during uncertain times.  

If a crisis were to happen, IT automation can also ensure business continuity by providing a backup plan and ensuring that critical systems continue to fully function, even if key personnel are unavailable.  

2. Boosting Talent: Upskill, Retain, and Repurpose Existing Talent  

Another result of automating repetitive tasks is the ability IT staff get to—and can use toward—higher-value activities that require creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  

It positions IT professionals to acquire new skills and improve their knowledge, which is bound to help the company in the long run.  

IT automation can also help retain top talent by reducing the monotony and stress associated with manual, tedious tasks. In the end, organizations can expect to achieve increased job satisfaction, less turnover, and a stronger, more engaged workforce.  

3. Elevating Experiences: Deliver Stellar Customer and Employee Experiences  

Automated systems can handle routine customer interactions, like responding to common inquiries. This capability allows customer service representatives to focus on and engage in more powerful, complex interactions.  

For the IT teams and organizations alike, it can mean results like quicker response times, improved accuracy, and enhanced customer satisfaction.  

IT automation; additionally, can offer perks to customers like self-service options (including online account management and real-time order tracking), which improves their experiences and makes it easier for them to do business with the organization.  

IT Automation Can Equal Endless Opportunities  

Believe it or not, 50 years have passed since robots started working side by side humans on the floors of America’s factories. Given the development of automation and the benefits it’s proven to bring to organizations worldwide, the sky’s the limit for what automation can do next.   

Organizations want to set up for, and secure success as they progress through 2023 and beyond, which only makes sense considering the uneasiness brought by the current state of the economy, financial industry, employment, and more. Meeting business goals, simply put, can seem out of reach for companies most impacted by uncertainties – and automation can lend a very powerful hand.  

When utilized for a successful tomorrow, IT automation enables companies to fully prepare for the challenges of the future—with a sense of stability and security during uncertain periods—and thrive in an ever-changing world.   

To understand the specific use cases behind increasing capacity, upskilling employees, and creating exceptional customer experiences, request a demo.  

About the author, Saba Mirza:

About the author, Saba Mirza:

VP, Marketing

Saba Mirza, Vice President of Marketing at Resolve, is responsible for accelerating the company’s growth, driving global awareness and adoption of Resolve’s intelligent IT automation solutions, and bringing to realization the company’s vision of empowering IT teams in every enterprise to move faster than the speed of business. Saba is a SaaS and automation tech enthusiast who loves to bring to market technologies that disrupt the status quo in how we live and work. She has been leading global strategic marketing initiatives for the past 20 years at several high-tech companies across different industries.