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AI and the Future of IT Automation: 3 Power Moves to Harness the Hype

Generative AI is nowhere near finished gaining mainstream attention, sparking keen speculations about how artificial intelligence will disrupt all industries, occupations, and existing technologies. Tools like ChatGPT are democratizing AI, unlocking unprecedented levels of speed, productivity, and creativity by enabling task automation and enhancing outcomes. The rapid proliferation of genAI is prompting curiosity about its role in augmenting IT initiatives, particularly automation. While AI and automation have always been integral to IT, the current landscape presents a unique opportunity to harness their transformative potential.

Watch the replay as Marne Martin, Chief Strategy Officer at IFS, and Saba Mirza, VP of Marketing at Resolve, have a fireside chat about navigating the future of IT shaped by AI and automation. You’ll learn more about:

  • Different types of AI and their IT use cases
  • AI versus Machine Learning: Clearing the confusion
  • The power duo of AI/ML and automation
  • Three actionable ways IT teams can capitalize on AI and automation

Don’t just ride the AI wave — grasp the opportunities in this transformative era!

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