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From SLAs to XLAs: The Necessary Shift and 5 Practical Ways IT Automation Gets You There

There’s a new buzz phrase that IT leaders must pay attention to: experience level agreements or XLAs. To stay ahead in this ever increasingly competitive market, experience is everything—both internal employee experience and customer experience—and is the differentiator in driving retention and affinity.

Driving XLAs requires IT to do more than just measuring performance metrics or meeting technical requirements to ensuring exceptional user experiences. But to be XLA-focused, IT needs to first ensure SLAs are taken care of. SLAs are a core enabler of XLAs.

Operationalizing an XLA-based IT strategy, tracking, and measuring metrics can be hard as IT teams begin to center processes around experiences. IT process automation helps IT meet and surpass SLAs. Automation streamlines and standardizes processes, ensuring consistent and reliable IT service delivery.

Watch as Sean Heuer, CEO at Resolve Systems, and Ari Stowe, VP of Product at Resolve Systems, discuss how to conquer your SLAs and make the shift to XLAs. Our IT thought leaders cover tactics you can use today to drive service excellence, including:

  • Free up L1 and enhance organizational productivity through self-service
  • Add one more 9 to your SLAs to boost experiences
  • Minimize service disruptions with full-stack automation for self-healing processes
  • Proactively find and fix potential issues before they impact the business
  • Enable XLA delivery by unifying automation silos across the organization using process orchestration

Rethinking IT processes with an experience lens allows for optimization of the whole end-to-end IT process as opposed to just a portion of what a team may be responsible for.

Watch the replay to learn how you should be leveraging automation today.

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