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Journey to Full Stack Observability and Auto-Remediation

As businesses look ahead to the next wave of innovation, leaving behind the constraints of the pandemic, they see full-stack observability as the foundation for future success. Technologists recognize that full-stack observability is the great enabler for delivering the brilliant, seamless digital experiences that customers and employees now expect.

Addressing these challenges, as well as maintaining day-to-day business requires end-to-end visibility across the entire IT ecosystem. It requires an approach that needs to identify as well as instantly and automatically remediate incidents before they can become a problem. By closing the loop through intelligent IT automation, businesses can achieve a fully optimized, self-healing IT environment, enabling them to meet and continuously exceed end-user demands and expectations.

The combination of AppDynamics and Resolve is an absolute game-changer in this environment. Watch the replay to hear real world full stack end-to-end use cases and reasons to re-deploy your IT resources to more strategic business tasks. You’ll discover:

  • Where to integrate and use intelligent automation to create a self-driving IT incident management and remediation solution and accelerate resolution time to mere seconds
  • How observability enables users to better understand the context around infrastructure and applications
  • Easy ways to quickly and accurately identify the root cause of application and infrastructure issues.


  • Gregg Ostrowski, Executive CTO, AppDynamics
  • Ari Stowe, Director of Product Management, Resolve

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