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AMA: Unwrapping the Gifts of IT Automation & Orchestration

Want to get started with IT automation but feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you’ve already implemented automation but feel it’s not generating the results it can and should.

Watch the replay for our first session of the ask me anything (AMA) series to learn how to accelerate your automation use cases and advance your organization’s goals.

We had a special line up of automation leaders for our first session in the AMA series, including:

During the live webinar, they answered your burning questions and shared the framework for automation success.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask our automation experts technical and non-technical questions about intelligent IT automation and orchestration.

How does it work?

AMA sessions are not like typical webinars. They are much more interactive. Rather than presenting, our panel of pros answered questions and engaged in insightful discussions.

In this session, our panelists answered questions related to topics such as:

  • Typical use cases and best practices for IT automation
  • Requirements and expectations for implementing automation technologies
  • Where, what, and how to achieve long-term, sustainable ROI
  • Differences between tools and technologies – our recommendations

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to receive free advice from leading automation experts! Watch the on-demand replay now.

Watch for future AMA sessions!

Watch the Replay

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