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IT Operations Automation

Modernize IT Operations for Business Agility and Scalability

Automate and Orchestrate your IT Processes to Deliver Reliable, Innovative IT Services

I&O professionals are constantly balancing time between keeping the lights on and delivering innovation at the pace businesses are demanding. Add to this the complexity of technology itself with cloud-native, micro-services and legacy applications all requiring specialized skills to maintain.

Resolve provides the foundation needed for IT organizations to support a digital business and to scale as fast as the business demands. Automate IT processes with Resolve to orchestrate tasks across multiple, diverse technologies and rein in complexity.



(from 3 hours to a few minutes) by automating resolution of storage utilization errors for another top three global credit card company.



by safely automating application access and permissions granting in a Fortune 100 enterprise.



(from 45 minutes to 5 minutes) by automating service restarts for the leading U.S. drug store chain.



by automating proactive checks for RAID systems, UNIX boxes, Citrix servers, databases, and disk space for a top tier global services company.

Seamlessly Automate and Orchestrate Across All of Your IT Silos

Better IT Service Delivery

Empower your team to standardize and deliver services fast with automated operations

Scale Operations

Increase enterprise velocity by eliminating time-consuming manual work and increase IT capacity

Contain Operational Costs

Contain costs with dramatically increased process efficiency. With increased accuracy and speed

Governance and Change Management

Ensure every change is recorded and available for audit with automated ticket enrichment

Incident Response & Auto-Remediation

Develop Best-In-Class Response with Automated Incident Routing, Diagnostics and Remediation

  • Validate alerts and eliminate false positives by automating time-consuming system and service checks
  • Automatically resolve common IT incidents using a library of pre-built automated tasks and workflows
  • Run comprehensive diagnostics and enrich incidents to ensure speedy manual resolutions by SMEs
  • Arm admins with interactive automations, including step-by-step instructions, incremental automations, and decision trees for more complex events
  • Enable admins to execute remediation steps without direct access to the systems
  • Enrich IT tickets with all remediation actions and case artifacts for compliance, governance, and auditing purposes

Popular Automations

  • Server Restarts
  • Disk Space Remediation
  • Ticket Enrichment
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Infrastructure & Operations Service Request Automation

Streamline management of your IT resources with automated provisioning and IT oversight

  • Integrate and automate updates to your service and change request systems (like ServiceNow, Remedy, Jira, and more)
  • Automate service requests across your IT, network, and security infrastructure to ensure speedy fulfillment
  • Foster cross team collaboration, eliminate time-consuming handoffs between your IT Ops, NetOps, and SecOps teams
  • Orchestrate processes leveraging your existing point automation tools or handle the entire end-to-end deployment using our platform
  • Ensure change compliance, enforce policy and controls, and provide a full audit trail

Popular Automations

  • Server Patching
  • Health Checks
  • Infrastructure Provisioning

A Powerful Automation Platform with the Fastest Time to Value

Low-code, no-code, or “bring-your-own code” automation

Simply drag and drop to build new automations or import your existing scripts to build a library

1000s of pre-built automations and workflows

Download pre-built workflows from the Automation Exchange for faster time to value

Human-guided, interactive automation procedures

Allow for human input into complex resolution workflows so IT can safely provision connectivity or configure systems

Incident management with intuitive dashboards

Centralize management all aspects of the incident resolution process with detailed color-coded dashboards

Built-in ROI calculator

Clearly articulate the ROI for each automation workflow with metrics and reports

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