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Intelligent IT Automation and Orchestration

Drive automation success with purpose-built solutions for IT

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IT Faster Than the Speed of Business

Supercharge your IT teams by automating across the spectrum from tedious tasks to mission-critical operations

IT is the backbone of your enterprise, from day-to-day service tickets to managing complex operations. In this fast-changing world, IT must stay well ahead of the pace of business. IT process automation frees up your teams from time-consuming and error-prone manual work and empowers IT to enable faster business innovation in the most efficient way possible

Automate manual processes


faster IT response time

Orchestrate across IT tech silos


reduction in manual swivel-chair hours across systems

Shift to ROI-driven operations


saved in IT operations costs annually

Automation Solutions Designed  Specifically for IT

Solving the unique challenges of modern organizations

Network Operations

Keep your network highly available by automating:

  • Network Availability Checks
  • Health Checks
  • Alert Remediation
  • Incident Response
  • Server Maintenance
  • Patching & Configuration

IT Operations

Ensure business as usual — always — by automating:

  • Application Availability
  • Health Checks
  • Incident Resolution
  • Disk Space Clean Up
  • Provisioning
  • Service Restart
  • Backups & Snapshots
  • Security, Audit, and Compliance

IT Service Management

Deliver amazing and scalable customer experience by automating:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Offboarding
  • Password Resets
  • CMDB Updates
  • L1 Ticket Remediation
  • Service Requests

Cloud Operations

Put provisioning and service management on autopilot:

  • Self-service VM Provisioning
  • Access and Permissions
  • Configurations
  • Event-driven Remediation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data Migration

Automation COE

Orchestrate automation effortlessly across IT with:

  • Prebuilt automation building blocks
  • Repeatable automation workflows
  • Reusable components library
  • Scalable training
  • Automation best practices

Transform IT by Automating with Resolve

From simple tasks to large-scale service orchestration

Keep the lights on with zero touch automation

Proactively ensure your IT infrastructure and operations are always running smoothly by automating the day-to-day, repetitive yet important tasks.

Drive exponential growth

For every $1 dollar spent on automation, achieve 10X return on your investment to scale your enterprise efficiently.

Reduce Mean-time-to-Resolution with automated incident response

Ensure instant response to any IT issue with event-driven automation to validate, diagnose, and remediate alerts and incidents.

Unify your IT siloes with seamless orchestration

Enable cross-enterprise automation by bringing together your existing systems, automation tools, and home-grown and open-source scripting under one technology-agnostic orchestrator.

Left-shift your talent

Uplevel your technical teams by redeploying them to higher value roles for greater business impact.

The Platform for Automation Success

Designed for flexibility and scale

Automation Accelerators

Pre-packaged solutions for every IT team that includes starter templates and field-tested automation actions, and integrations help IT with fast time to ROI

Automation Exchange

Pre-built workflows available on the Automation Exchange give IT a jump start with automation

Third Party Integrations

Resolve integrates seamlessly with almost any IT tool bi-directionally for fast implementation

Automation Platform

Build robust and enterprise-ready automations using our intuitive, no-code workflow designer comes with an extensive library of actions that can be dragged and dropped to put together a complex workflow easily

Deployment Models

Use Resolve on the cloud or on-premises, to build the foundation for automation

We Help Our Customers Succeed
by Matching Automation Outcomes to Business Goals

With the Resolve platform, you can start and scale where and how it makes sense for your business. You can start by automating processes to fill simple tech gaps and then move on to cross-team processes, or you can start with transformational projects with broader business impact and then tackle departmental automation.

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