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Resolve Automation as-a-service

We’ll take the automation reins,

so you can enjoy the gains!

Resolve Actions meets our battle-hardened expertise​​

Cherry-pick impactful IT process workflows and let Resolve subject matter experts work their magic.

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Operation hurdles slowing your team down?

Resource shortages

Tactical fires

Cost Pressures

Poor SLA consistency

Get process orchestration and automation, risk free

We partner with you to ensure you get it right, the first time and every single time after that. The Resolve team of experts become an extension of your team, your own personal center of excellence (COE).

Ninja Workflow

 How it works

We handle the automation grind, so you can shine

Our team of experts will build a customized plan to help you identify high-impact workflows. Those same experts build your workflows and turn them into production-ready automations that are ready to go live in a matter of weeks.

RAaaS Implementation Timeline

Prioritize growth. Slash operational backlog. Drive results.

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Why should you care?

We are your force multiplier to help you identify, build and scale automation

RAaaS seamlessly merges the ingenuity of the Resolve team with a purpose-built, enterprise-ready platform tailored for the intricacies of IT complexity, delivering the ultimate solution for your automation and orchestration needs.