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AIOps Built for Today's IT Complexity

Achieve Agile, Autonomous IT Operations with a Powerful Combination of AIOps + Automation

A Closed Loop of Discovery, Analysis, Detection, Prediction, & Automation

In the wake of digital transformation, IT infrastructure complexity has grown at an astronomical rate. You face exponential increases in infrastructure data and alarms that far exceed human capacity for manual analysis. Your infrastructure is constantly morphing and changing, yet you're still expected to resolve requests, incidents, and performance issues in seconds, not days – without adding headcount.

The Resolve platform is designed to help you address these challenges by combining Insights from artificial intelligence (AIOps) with powerful automated Actions that are built for the complexity of modern IT environments. Delivering a closed loop of discovery, analysis, detection, prediction, and automation, Resolve fuels agile, autonomous IT operations and puts you on the path to self-healing IT.

Agentless Auto-Discovery

Quickly discover all of the compute, network, and storage entities across your dynamic, hybrid IT environment without deploying any agents — and ensure your CMDB is always accurate with automatic updates!

Dynamic Dependency Mapping

Identify and track dynamic, multi-layer relationships between applications and the underlying hybrid infrastructure, and create rich, visual topology maps to see how devices are connected to one another.

Noise Reduction & Event Correlation

Overcome alarm noise and determine which events need your attention by eliminating false positives, performing advanced event correlation, reviewing time-series event playbacks, and determining probable root cause.

Dashboards & Visualizations

Dashboards & Visualizations

Create custom dashboards with the operational and business data that matters most, and get at-a-glance visibility into the health of dynamic, complex IT environments with auto-generated infrastructure visualizations, topology maps, performance heat maps, inventory views, and more.

Self-Healing, Integrated Automation

Autonomously trigger automated actions based on Resolve Insights’ findings to quickly fix issues or prevent them from happening. Whether it's a network link that's gone down, an over-utilized disk that needs expansion, or a service that requires a restart, our built-in automations have you covered.

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Reboot Your Approach to IT Operations with AIOps + Automation

Increase Operational Efficiency & Truly Do More with Less

Increase Operational Efficiency & Truly Do More with Less

As your infrastructure continues to multiply, you've got to find a way for each IT pro on your team to manage more devices, all while streamlining operations and service delivery. It seems impossible, but AIOps and automation can help.

By eliminating alarm noise, providing a single pane of glass into all your data and domains, auto-discovering and mapping infrastructure, keeping your CMDB updated, and automating away repetitive tasks and processes, Resolve fuels more agile, productive, and efficient IT operations.

Streamline Incident Response & Avoid the Dreaded IT War Room

Streamline Incident Response & Avoid the Dreaded IT War Room

Resolve helps you dramatically reduce MTTR by discovering, diagnosing, and resolving issues. With dashboards, dependency data, and visualizations at your fingertips, you can see what’s happening across complex, multi-domain environments and leverage root cause analysis to isolate the source of problems in seconds.

And with integrated automation, Resolve can even fix issues autonomously, avoiding outages altogether or reducing resolution time from hours to seconds.

Improve Reliability, Performance, & Customer Satisfaction

Improve Reliability, Performance, & Customer Satisfaction

Expectations for performance and reliability have never been higher. Forget about SLAs — service-level expectations have soared as digital transformation has hit its stride. In this climate, IT success is directly tied to delivering a great customer experience and improving customer satisfaction.

Resolve ensures that you are exceeding expectations by improving performance and reliability. It offers business-centric views that make it easy for you to monitor the health of critical apps and infrastructure, as well as automating proactive and preventative actions, performing dynamic resource allocation, and delivering the full-stack visibility you need to succeed.

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Gained visibility into
30K+ devices across
100+ locations

"We looked for tools that would automate the IT asset discovery process with 100% accuracy. We have now deployed Resolve Insights across our data centers, and we plan to use it across all companies we acquire in the future.

— Andy Nallappan, Global CIO, Broadcom


Auto-discovers & maps
dependencies for
200,000 devices

"We introduced use cases that saved on an annual basis hundreds of hours of time manual effort. Those resources could then be used on more valuable outputs for the business, rather than performing simple activities."

— Michael Hutcheson, CTIO, BT