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Resolve IT Solutions

Turbocharge Speed and Efficiency Across IT Functions

with Automation Accelerators

Scale with your existing IT teams

Build out more capacity across your IT functions by automating away the routine and manual work.

Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR)

Respond and remediate issues faster, from simple service requests to complex, self-healing processes.

Empower IT to be future ready

Enable IT teams to shift from focusing on keeping the lights on to driving business innovation.

Increase compliance while reducing risk

Eliminate unintended human errors, as well as leverage automation to enforce security and compliance.

Automation Accelerated with Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Resolve Automation Accelerators are IT solutions that include everything you need to automate specific IT processes, including starter templates and field-tested automation actions and integrations

Achieve Faster Time-To-Value with Resolve Automation Accelerators

Plug-n-play Automation Workflows

Configurable process templates provide you the building blocks to create your customized workflows without starting from scratch.

Drag-n-drop Automation Actions

No coding required! With thousands of pre-built tasks and actions, building the automated steps in a process is as simple as a click.

Pre-built 3rd Party Integrations

Seamlessly connect with your existing IT systems and enterprise applications for end-to-end automation.

Documentation & Resources

From what to do and how to do it, we have you covered from hands-on in-product tutorials to technical content.

Resolve Automation Exchange
Resolve Actions: Provider Path Check

Network Operations

Elevate Your NOC Beyond Keeping the Lights On

Centralize Configuration Management

Deploy and configure connectivity for network devices, apps, servers, and endpoints – no matter how complex your current process

Ensure Governance and Compliance

Bring all your configurations in one place for easy management of network endpoints

Standardize Network Processes

Make changes at scale with pre-approved runbooks and eliminate human error

Speed Up Incident Response

Eliminate inefficient handoffs between IT Ops and NetOps teams with SME-approved automations

IT Infrastructure & Operations

Automate and Orchestrate Your IT Processes for Better Service Delivery

Better IT Service Delivery

Empower your team to standardize and deliver services fast with automated operations

Scale Operations

Increase enterprise velocity by eliminating time-consuming manual work and increase IT capacity

Contain Operational Costs

Contain costs with dramatically increased process efficiency. With increased accuracy and speed

Governance and change management

Ensure every change is recorded and available for audit with automated ticket enrichment

Resolve Actions: Provider Path Check
Service desk requests

IT Service Desk

Empower Your Frontline IT to Deliver Service Excellence

Deliver Services Faster

Supercharge your service desk, consistently maintaining service quality and speed

Streamline Escalations

Left shift resolutions with SME approved automations and reduce escalations

Increase IT Capacity

Amplify your service desk efficiency, maximize productivity and IT capacity with automations

Measure and Report Success

Benefit from automation dashboards to measure automation effectiveness and ROI

Cloud Operations

Auto-Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Full-Stack Infrastructure Visibility with a Full Understanding of Dependencies

Unify Your View

Discover and map network, compute, and storage CIs across hybrid environments

Accurate IT Inventory

Always maintain accurate CMDBs with the latest discovery and dependency details

Improve Compliance

Identify unknown configuration items (CI) that pose a risk and auto-generate reports for your auditors that offer the full visibility

Increase Performance

Improve application and infrastructure performance and uptime

Ready for fast automation results?

Resolve Automation Accelerators are IT solutions that include everything you need to automate specific IT processes, including starter templates and field-tested automation actions and integrations