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Go Faster with Automation-empowered IT

Turbocharge speed and efficiency across IT functions

Scale with your existing IT teams

Build out more capacity across your IT functions by automating away the routine and manual work.

Reduce mean time to resolution

Respond and remediate issues faster, from simple service requests to complex, self-healing processes.

Empower IT to be future-ready

Enable IT teams to shift from focusing on keeping the lights on to driving business innovation.

Increase compliance while reducing risk

Eliminate unintended human errors, as well as leverage automation to enforce security and compliance.

Automation Accelerated with Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Achieve faster time-to-value with Resolve Actions Accelerator Packs™

Resolve Actions Accelerator Packs are pre-packaged solutions that include everything you need to automate specific IT processes, including starter templates and field-tested automation actions and integrations.

  • Plug-n-play automation workflows
    Configurable process templates provide you the building blocks to create your customized workflows without starting from scratch.
  • Drag-n-drop automation actions
    No coding required! With thousands of pre-built tasks and actions, building the automated steps in a process is as simple as a click.
  • Pre-built 3rd party integrations
    Seamlessly connect with your existing IT systems and enterprise applications for end-to-end automation.
  • Documentation & Resources
    From what to do and how to do it, we have you covered from hands-on in-product tutorials to technical content.

IT Service Management

Make L1 Always Done

With the IT Service Management Accelerator Pack you can quickly transform your most pressing service requests into delightful experiences.

1 Onboarding clockwork

Turn onboarding and offboarding into clockwork

Easily automate and integrate between IT, HR, and Finance systems to create a seamless onboarding process that gets new employees productive from the start. Deliver offboarding is fast and comprehensive to ensure compliance and minimize security risks.

2 Automate Password Resets

Actually automate password resets

Eliminate all the behind the scenes work in resetting passwords. Whether it’s updating the Active Directory, single sign-on, or individual enterprise applications, easily automate the entire process from the frontend experience to the backend intricacies.

3 Self service helpdesk

Enable self-service for general helpdesk requests

Shorten response time to common L1 tickets, such as application access requests or service restarts, with automated workflows with human-in-the-loop approval processes built in to always surpass your SLAs.

4 Devices and dependencies

Have a true pulse on devices and dependencies

With intelligent and real-time discovery and dependency mapping, ensure your CMDB is always up to date so you can pinpoint and remediate issues faster and plan for new assets and configurations with accuracy.

And [fill in your biggest ITSM challenge]

Let us show you the value that automation can add to your ITSM processes. Request a demo today.

IT and Cloud Operations Management

Keep Business Up and Running

With the IT Operations Management Accelerator Pack you’re always on top of the continuously changing and growing IT landscape.

5 Ensure security audit compliance

Ensure security, audit, and compliance

Keep your enterprise protected with automated patching, certificate renewals, and regular security health checks. Enable continuous finding and fixing of known issues to keep users, data, and systems safe.

6 Keep enterprise apps highly available

Keep enterprise applications highly available

Proactively run health checks to get ahead of potential issues, such as low disk space. Always have the latest snapshot and backups ready. Quickly troubleshoot and remediate application issues.

7 Simplify provisioning

Simplify provisioning

Enable self-service user and VM provisioning with centralized governance and controls. Automate pre- and post-provisioning checks to drive compliance.

8 Optimize cost

Optimize costs

Get a handle on your licenses, VMs, and environments and ensure timely decommissioning, deprovisioning, and right sizing to actual business needs, as well as accurate forecasting and planning.

And [fill in your biggest IT and Cloud Ops process]

Let’s discuss your IT and Cloud Ops challenges and how automation can help. Request a demo today.

Network Operations Management

Deliver High Network Availability and Performance

The Network Operations Management Accelerator Pack helps you easily automate the important but tedious network-related tasks so IT can focus on delivering the highest performance and availability.

9 Maintain a healthy network

Maintain a healthy network

Complete your monitoring and observability loop by automating health checks to reactive troubleshooting.

10 Deliver an accurate CMDB

Deliver an accurate CMDB

Have clear visibility into your configuration items and ensure new devices or changes in configuration are automatically updated in your CMDB with automated discovery and dependency mapping.

11 Keep patching and configuration up to date

Keep patching and configuration up to date

Whether it’s Linux or Windows, always keep your patching and certificate renewals up to date. Keep your configurations current across all devices.

12 Manage server maintenance and restarts

Manage server maintenance and restarts

Set up scheduled rolling server restarts and also be ready with immediate action in troubleshooting and restarting servers with the fastest resolution time.

And [fill in your Network Ops process]

Let’s keep your network highly available through automation. Request a demo today.

Centers of Excellence

Transform IT with Scalable Best Practices

The Resolve Actions Accelerator Packs enable IT and automation CoEs bring the power of automation to more functions faster.

13 Make automation easy

Make automation easy

With the pre-packaged components and no code automation workflow development, you can truly democratize automation creation and empower existing teams rather than requiring scarce and specialized skills that limit the number of automation projects possible.

14 Scale automation faster

Scale automation faster

With the Resolve Actions Accelerator Packs, deploy automation across IT functions in a consistent way, along with standard reusable workflows, actions, and integrations.

And [fill in your CoE process]

Let us show how your CoE can deliver significant value to your IT organization—faster. Request a demo today.

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