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State of IT Automation: Get Ready for 2023 with Insights from Tech Leaders

If 2021 was the year of adaptation and survival, 2022 has emerged as the year of rebound and recovery. This has resulted in accelerating growth as well as complexity, both of which are placing an increasing demand on IT.

Manual analysis of data, let alone events and alarms, is no longer just difficult, but downright impossible. Furthermore, routine tasks are consuming skilled labor hours that could, and should, be spent more strategically.

To address these glaring issues, enterprises across the globe are adopting IT automation with greater urgency than ever before. But, exactly where, when, and how are IT organizations using automation for their operations and how will this play out in 2023?

Watch the replay to see McKinsey & Company’s Senior Advisor, Arun Baid, and Resolve’s VP of Customer Success, Peter Lee, examine the current state of IT automation.

Tune in to the panel-style discussion for valuable insights into:

  • How and where IT automation is currently being deployed
  • The biggest obstacles to implementing IT automation
  • How IT leaders are planning to increase automation within their organizations
  • What to consider when evaluating IT automation solutions

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how other IT decision-makers are progressing along their automation journeys as you gear up for 2023.

About the Panelists

Arun Baid, Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company
Arun is a Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company and an industry veteran in IT Services with 25+ years of experience in various leadership roles at Cognizant and other IT services’ firms. He focuses on guiding the transformation of IT Services companies and coaching the senior leadership teams on their transformation journey.

Peter Lee, VP, Customer Success at Resolve
Peter has been helping enterprise IT organizations drive business outcomes with technology for over almost 20 years. As VP of Customer Success at Resolve, Peter ensures that customers receive high value service and achieve ROI with IT automation.

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