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The Process Games: Custom Service Blueprint and Expert Workshop – Contest Closed

Are you tired of navigating through complex and inefficient processes? Do you crave streamlined workflows that save time and resources? 

Resolve Systems beckons you to the ultimate arena: The Process Games. A place where only the most cunning, strategic, and resourceful processes survive. 

The prize? A transformation that ensures survival through a complimentary expert workshop and a custom-tailored service blueprint to vanquish your most perplexing IT adversaries. 

Submit your most challenging process as tributes and watch as our champions, seasoned in the art of IT automation, dissect, perfect and reconstruct your processes, forging a path to victory.

Two examples to get your imagination going:

Example 1: 

Process Description:
Employee Onboarding: Employee Onboarding involves HR filing an IT ticket, IT creating necessary accounts and granting access, followed by ticket updates and closure by HR. 

Example 2:

Process Description:
Incident Response [Application Failure] : Incident Response for application failures includes configuring alerts, diagnosing network and database issues, fixing misconfigurations, resetting database nodes, and confirming application functionality, integrating with AppDynamics and ServiceNow.

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