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White Paper

The Telecom Playbook for IT Automation

The telecommunications industry is standing at the cusp of a new era, where the demands for speed, efficiency, and innovation have never been higher. Automation facilitates rapid service delivery, enhances customer experiences, and optimizes resources while enabling innovation and a competitive advantage against less-advanced rivals.

Drawing on the collective wisdom of our customers and our decade-long journey in delivering IT automation solutions, we’ve developed an Automation Capabilities Framework to guide you as you integrate automation across your IT operations.

Specifically designed for the unique needs of the telecom industry, the Automation Capabilities Model will help you:

  • Categorize telecom IT automation use cases to unveil opportunities for optimization
  • Leverage a structural blueprint for telecoms to prioritize and execute automation initiatives across all IT touchpoints
  • Provide insight into the context and challenges at each level of automation
  • Establish a meaningful way to continually evaluate automation ROI in the context of your business

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