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Your IT Automation Playbook for 2024: 4 Must-haves for Success

As we look toward and plan for 2024, in an ever-evolving IT landscape, IT leaders must take a strategic — and proactive — approach to IT process automation. Staying ahead of the curve in a dynamic environment that’s filled with challenges and opportunities is, and will be, paramount for success.

This webinar will provide IT leaders and practitioners with a guide to navigate the rapidly changing landscape with four critical — and indispensable — areas where automation is set to revolutionize IT operations.

You’ll learn from two automation leaders:

They’ll walk through in-depth automation designs and practical guidance to help IT professionals prepare for the future, including how you can:

  1. Elevate your ITSM function with the integration of chat-based tools and automated request fulfillment
  2. Exploit the advancements in generative AI to drive optimizations in root cause analysis
  3. Completely shield your organization from human error with self-correcting automations
  4. Efficiently orchestrate a series of complex and time-bound tasks to build an automation runbook across your IT and network infrastructure

Throughout this playbook, Derek and Brinda will show you product demonstrations and foundational principles of automation workflows, along with real-world examples and use cases – all of which will help you unlock success in 2024.

Watch this webinar on demand to learn how Resolve’s customers are using automation to elevate IT capabilities, reduce operational overhead, and ensure agility in the face of constant change.

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