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Network Automation for CSPs

See how Resolve's enterprise-class automation platform can help you automate everything on your network

Resolve has automated some of the most complex networks on the planet -- see how we can automate yours!

Use cases explored in this video include:

  • Proactive network testing to ensure connectivity and safeguard performance
  • Alarm validation, diagnostics, and remediation procedures to reduce MTTR
  • Providing guided automations for complex processes to left-shift workloads and minimize escalations
  • Preventative maintenance and ongoing performance monitoringReplacing repetitive tasks with automation to improve efficiency

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Joe Doyle

About the Author, Joe Doyle:

Joe Doyle, Director of Sales Engineering at Resolve, brings more than 15 years experience designing and delivering large scale software solutions across the globe. With a background in integration and implementation of OSS/BSS systems, Joe built on those skills to move into the world of automation, particularly in IT operations and network operations, where he has spent the last ten years helping customers navigate their automation journey and to achieve the successful outcomes that enable organisations across multiple sectors to move faster and do more with less. Joe has helped deliver digital transformation through automation for many of the world’s largest network service providers.

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