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Achieve an Always Accurate and Actionable CMDB With Best-of-Breed Discovery and Dependency Mapping

As businesses accelerate and expand their operations to stay competitive, IT must keep pace on all fronts. A growing challenge IT faces is an increasingly outdated and stagnant Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Configuration items (CI) across infrastructure and applications, along with their relationships and dependencies, continue to become more complex. This impacts everything from change implementation to incident resolution to compliance and governance and beyond.

A variety of discovery and dependency mapping (DDM) technologies have emerged to try to solve for the ongoing CMBD accuracy challenge, yet most DDM solutions fall short. In order to have an accurate and actionable CMDB, IT Operations and Service leaders must take a best-of-breed technology approach that not only enables full-scale visibility and auto-updates, but makes CMDB the launchpad for enterprise-wide automation.

Watch the on-demand replay to hear from discovery and dependency mapping experts on how to breathe new life into your CMDB and make it work for you. In this session, we discuss:

  • What you really need to discover and track to make your CMDB reflect the reality of your IT environment
  • The differences between discovery and dependency mapping technologies and what to consider for a best-of-breed DDM strategy
  • Developing a DDM and automation strategy that aligns with leading CMDB best practices
  • How an accurate CMDB becomes the launchpad for automation

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