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Is Your Network Operations Trapped In Time? Common NetOps Time Traps and How to Get to a Future-Proofed State

While network technology continues to evolve at a blistering pace, the approach to network management has failed to keep up. In fact, according to a survey by leading global technology research and advisory firm ISG, as recent as 2019, only 16% of respondents were using automation and AI for their mission-critical business processes.

And while this number is undoubtedly on the rise, it bears testament to the fact that a significant portion of today’s businesses are still behind the curve.

In this webinar replay, network automation thought leaders, Mohamed Al-Shebani from Almanfad Management Consulting, Brent Hunter from Resolve, and Brinda Sreedhar, also from Resolve, discuss some of the primary reasons organizations find themselves trapped in time, and how to overcome those obstacles once and for all.

Watch the replay to gain insights on:

  • What those NetOps time traps are and how to identify if you’re trapped
  • How automation can help you modernize NetOps
  • How to transition from reactive to proactive network management that is self-healing and future-proofed

Regardless of where you are in your automation journey, get the invaluable insights and real-world action items that will help you leave the past behind and set your organization up for future success.

Watch the Replay Now

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